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Aside from my children, my dogs are the most important thing in my life.  And though our Piper is newly adopted, she and Bud are a fixture in this family and are loved deeply.

Along with healthy food and water, walks and hugs and kisses, treats are an important part of our dogs daily life.  So are table scraps but we don’t share that information often.

My dogs are ready for new Tyson Nudges!  #NudgesMoments #cbias #shop

For years I have given my dogs one brand of treats.  It is the same brand my mom gave my dogs growing up.  But now that there is more variety out there, I want to expand my choices.  But I want something made from real ingredients that my dogs will still eat.

Yes, my Bud has been known to turn his nose up on treats!  Often, in fact!

So, the other day while at Kroger shopping for some basics, I was excited to see a new treat product, Nudges, on the shelves.   But what excited me even more than the note on the package saying they were made from real chicken!

Tyson Nudges are on shelves at Kroger #NudgesMoments #cbias #shop

I noticed that the Nudges chicken jerky for dogs were available in two bag sizes so I chose them both,  Two dogs, two bags!

See my entire shop and how I used these treats for my sweet dogs below in my Google + Album:

The girls and I also got dog food and some other essentials and headed home.

Now, as much as I love my dogs, we have some issues with them walking on leashes.  Bud is better than Piper but both are led by their noses and disinterest in burning calories.  But what really gets me is that my daughter’s can not walk them because they pull and jump and are so excited.  So, in my creative mind, I decided to use the extremely easy to tear Nudges to help my oldest daughter train Piper to walk on a leash with her.

You can see some of the training below in the video – Ignore the screaming child in the background.  Megan was upset because she could not find her baby doll’s brush.

 Now, I realize Bud looks like he went after Katie and the treat but the important thing to focus on is Piper doing what she said – Sit – and her following Katie on a leash.

I think after a few more training sessions, we will be able to walk out in the neighborhood with Nudges in our pockets and Katie will be able to walk Piper without me having to worry about her pulling her into a ditch or the street.

There are other major perks to NEW Nudges as well.  These no filler snacks are made in the USA and you know I love that!  Plus, though they are high quality and have no artificial flavor and smell amazing, they are the same price or less than the treats I normally buy!  I was really surprised by that!  Plus, I love the “pork chop” shape that makes it easy to hand to my dogs.

Tyson Nudges come in two bag sizes.  I got them both! #NudgesMoments #cbias #shop

Grab a bag – or two -and have these awesome treats on hand for walks, family visits when you need the dogs not to jump, road trips and more!

Now, I know you guys are all chomping at the bit to get to Kroger and buy Nudges, but be sure to RSVP and join us for the NUDGES Twitter Party July 17, 2013 at 2pm! There are a TON of prizes and great conversation about the treats and your dogs and fun!

AND there is MORE!

Nudges is having a super contest on their Facebook Page!  The Share the Love Contest is live NOW and awaiting your submission!  You could WIN a Samsung phone or $2500 and more!

Also on the Facebook page, get a $1.00 Off coupon for Tyson Nudges and save even more!

My Bud could not wait to try them!  #NudgesMoments #cbias #shop

What behavior issues do you want to help your dog learn?  Or do you just give a treat to spoil like I do most days ? Whichever the reason, try Nudges for your pooch and see what fun you can have watching them go nuts for them!


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