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Make a DIY No Sew Halloween Basket for your BOO! Kit and surprise your neighbors!

There is almost nothing I love more than surprising my friends with fun stuff! As you know, because you all follow me on Instagram, right?, my neighbors and friends are some of my favorite people ever. So anytime I have a chance to do something for them, I jump on it! At Halloween, however, I get to do something for them anonymously and love waiting to see if they figure out who left a basket of goodies on their porch! When a movie like Ghostbusters® hits Walmart shelves on DVD, I get ideas for a BOO! Psst: Ghostbusters® is also available on VUDU. Basket perfect for movie night! Our neighborhood is BOO! It Forward crazy! We have several kits that show up at the house and we drive around, BOO’ing people at least once during the season! This year I wanted to BOO it up big! I wanted to do more than just a basket of candy and socks. So I made a DIY No Sew Halloween basket for a very special neighbor. I know her daughter will LOVE the tutu basket so that saves her a shopping trip! Plus I know her family will love the MARS® Candies, Wrigley® candies, American Greeting® decor and Pringles® and Rice Krispies® Treats will go over well! Don’t forget to add Ghostbusters® on DVD starting October 11! It will be at Walmart!

This DIY No Sew Halloween Basket is super easy to make!

If you have never done a BOO! Kit, let me explain the fun. BOO! Kits are great for showing your Halloween spirit to friends, neighbors, co-workers and more. They do not always have to be a surprise but I like that best! With Walmart this year, you can make a BOO! Kit for anyone and have it shipped to them! That means my BOO! perimeters have changed! The kids love to help me stuff the BOO! Kit and to deliver them as well! Every BOO! Kit comes with a note requesting the recipient BOO! It Forward too! If all goes well, everyone you know and love will be BOO!’d with the Halloween Spirit!

Get the supplies for your No Sew Halloween Basket at Walmart

I like to do themed BOO! Kits too! Like this year, my kit was based on the release of Ghostbusters® on Blu-Ray DVD!  Ghostbusters® is available on Blu-ray and DVD in stores and at 10/11/16 and can be preordered on Blu-ray or DVD now! I found all Halloween themed items to help my friend create a Ghostbusters® Movie night along with Ghostbusters® themed Rice Krispies Treats!

Stuff your No Sew Halloween Basket with MARS candies and more!

Now that I have everything I need to BOO! my neighbor, I need to make my DIY No Sew Halloween Basket to put it all in! This craft is incredibly simple and easy to do! Since I am not a sewing person at all, I tried to recreate a sew basket with ease! I think I succeeded as the basket came out beautifully!

The whole family will love the No Sew Halloween Basket

What you need:

Get your supplies of your No Sew Halloween Basket at Walmart!

  • Plastic Halloween Basket from Walmart
  • 2 spools of tulle
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • elastic

Set your basket out and pop off the handle.

Pop the handle off to start your No Sew Halloween Basket

Measure and cut the elastic so that it can tie around the basket.

Measure the elastic around your No Sew Halloween Basket!

Pull the elastic tight and tie it around the lip of the basket.  Make sure the knot is secure.

Tie the elastic tightly around your No Sew Halloween Basket

Take the tulle and measure it against the basket so that your piece doubles over. You want a piece large enough to tie and hang to the bottom of the basket.

Cut the tulle in the same length to create a stack. I want to say I had at least 30 pieces of orange and black.

Cut and line up the tulle for your No Sew Halloween Basket!

Take the tulle, alternating colors, and tie it around the elastic.

Tie the tulle around the elastic in alternating colors for your No Sew Halloween Basket

As you work, bunch the tulle together on the elastic to make it tighter and the tulle cover more.

Bunch the tulle together to create a No Sew Halloween Basket!

When the desired amount of tulle is tied and bunched together, take the glue gun and secure the elastic to the basket in 4 – 6 places.

Use a glue gin to make the elastic sturdy in your No Sew Halloween Basket

Let it dry.

When it is dry, pop the handle back on both sides.

Pop the handle back on to complete your No Sew Halloween Basket!

Stuff the basket full of MARS Candies, Wrigley candies, American Greeting® decor and Pringles® and Rice Krispies® Treats!! Go to the page and print out a BOO! Card to add to the basket!

Download and print the BOO kit cards available on the website!

Add your BOO! card from to your No Sew Halloween Basket!

Now sneak over to your neighbors house and leave the basket on the porch! This full and beautiful basket will catch their attention as soon as they get home! They will have everything they need for a movie night plus a Halloween Basket for their kids come Halloween night!

Your No Sew Halloween Basket is perfect for a BOO Kit!

It is your turn! I challenge you to start the BOO! tradition in your neighborhood! Head to and create one to be shipped or shop Walmart for everything you need to make your own!

Get everything for your No Sew Halloween Basket at Walmart!

Who would you BOO! this year?

Carry the tradition forward with a No Sew Halloween Basket!!

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