It is no secret to anyone that reads this blog that last year and this have been trying for me.  Not only am I dealing with a less than amicable divorce, but the slide into single motherhood- though much easier than I anticipated – has still be challenging a learning experience for me.  As time goes on and I learn to juggle my life and my children’s life solo, I am not remiss to the fact that no matter what, I am never alone in the endeavor.


My neighbors are my everything to me.  You guys have heard me talk about them and shower them with gifts on here many times.  But they truly are.  They do everything from picking up milk for me when I am low to dropping their entire evening to sit with my children while I take one to the emergency room.  Not many people would do that.  And I am well aware of how blessed my children and I are to live around not only amazing human beings, but a support system that never waivers.

This Valentine’s Day, I will be at the Red Carpet Premier for Oz The Great and Powerful.  However, I will not forget who I love at home.  My children, obviously, and my neighbors, who will be watching my house and my dog while I go play dress up with the mega stars!


As a thank you and a show of how much I appreciate them not only taking care of me, but reminding me that in the toughest of days, I still have to take care of my own heart and emotions and appreciate those that help me do so, I headed to Sam’s Club to find something nice for my neighbors and their caring hearts, mind and spirits!

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A while back, I did a spa party which they were invited to.  During that party – where my kids were the best manicurists – I learned that one neighbor, Barbara’s, favorite lotion of all times is NIVEA.  Since then, April, my other neighbor whom I love, has fallen in love with it too!  So as I strolled around Sam’s Club looking for the perfect gift, it only seemed right that I add NIVEA Essentially Enriched Daily Lotion to their goody bags.  I knew they would love it and I know that every time they used it, they would hopefully remember how much I appreciate them and the love and care they give me and my kids.

I looked around the lotion area just to see what else was there and was so excited to see that the 2 bottle pack of NIVEA was only $8.98 while all of the other lotions, I mean every other one there, was $13.98.  A $5 difference for some seriously high quality lotion.  I use it every day on my dry skin and it really is amazing!  No greasy after layer, a pleasant smell and these 16.9 Fl Oz bottles last for – ever!  A great buy for the frugally conscious who still want to be at their best!


Happy to have my great buy in the basket, I wandered around trying to find something else that showed how much I cared for my friends.  I came across Sam’s vast selection of wines and thought, “Red wine is good for your heart!” (in moderation, of course – please always drink responsibly), so I grabbed two bottles for under $5 that I knew were good and added it to my cart!  The gifts were coming together but needed one more spark!

So at home, as I was assembling the NIVEA and the wine, I added some delicious candy hearts!  Just a little goodie to tie it all together!

As I leave for LA later today, I will run by each neighbors house and give them their gifts.  They will think it is HUGE but it is so small compared to what they do for me!  Plus, both bags with NIVEA, wine and chocolates cost right around $10 each!  I’d say that is quite a bargain considering how much they care for me and my emotional heart!


Plus, I would almost put money that they will save their gifts and upon my return from the land of movie stars, we will all get together, enjoy the wine and, while chatting it up, use the NIVEA here and there to keep our hands soft and smooth!  Because connecting with one another, women to women, is cherished with us and we all know it!

Celebrate your emotional heart and your connections with others with NIVEA.  Affordable, thoughtful and the gift that gives back for a very long time, it is the perfect compliment to remind someone to take care of themselves even as they are selflessly taking care of you!


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