We are BIG readers in this house.  I fell in love with books early and am adamant about passing that love onto my kids.  They really have no choice in the matter, I will admit.  Luckily, they are loving books as much as I did.  So this months SIMPLE SERVICE Project from Champions for Kids asking us to have a Nickelodeon Big Help Book Drive is right up our alley!

Champions for Kids Nickelodeon Big Help Book Drive

Check out the video below to see how important literacy is and why we need these drives so badly:


This project resonates with me on so many levels that I have to get active and get it done and try to make it as awesome as it can be!

First because as a child, I did not have that many books.  I had the library and some here and there but it was not until I was adopted at age 8 that my parents introduced me to the amazing world of books.  And for the first time, to bedtime stories.  From Ramona to Holly Hobby to Strawberry Shortcake to Little House on the Prarie, I read and escaped and pretended and learned.  Books helped me learn manners, how to have and keep a friend, how to be appreciative of others and how to write.  I may not be the best at any of those things but they are skills I remember reading about and carry to this very day.

Nickelodeon Big Help Book Drive

These days, curling up with a good book is a luxury that I have to save for the occasional late night when my work is done.  But when I get to I almost never want to put the book down.  I have always vowed to make reading as important a part of my children’s lives as it is to mine.

So far, I seem to be succeeding.  My 1st grader is almost reading at a 2nd grade level and we are in the first month of school.  And my 4 year old is picking up words and starting to spend a lot of time during the day flipping though books – mostly Dora but I will take it.  My 3 year old even gets a book and pretends to read it to herself at night.

Books to donate can be bought at Walmart

They read to each other, their stuffed animals, their Barbie’s and to me.  And it warms my heart to know that they will always have books as a fall back when life gets hard, they need to escape or they need to learn something.  I am very, VERY proud of my girls.

Secondly, this project is perfect for my Nickelodeon loving kids.  You guys know that I write about the movies all the time and always rave how much my girls like them.  The same enthusiasm spills over into their book selection, as well.  If the book has Dora, Spongebob or any other Nickelodeon character on it, we ‘have to get it‘.  And I will always try to find the money for them… as you can see by the sampling of Nickelodeon books we own now!

We love Dora so much, in fact, that we have Dora sheets, backpacks, lunch kits, clothing, purses and on and on and on.  So to get my kids excited about collecting books for a Nickelodeon Big Help Book Drive is easy.

Nickelodeon Books

Thirdly, I am S H O C K E D at how many children in this country not only don’t read at their grade level, but don’t even have access to books in their home.  I should not be surprised, I came from one of those homes, but I guess I had hoped that as I reach 40, that problem had been eliminated.  So anything – anything – at all I can do to get books in the hands of kids who don’t have them, I will do with pride, determination and a hopeful heart!

Thus turns me to the SIMPLE Service Project this month and my desire to encourage YOU to join ME in collecting and donating books for your community!  I would love to say that the readers of A Day in Motherhood single handily donated 1000 books around the country.  I know it is a stretch, I am aware.  People get busy, people forget, life happens.  But that is also what has happened to these kids who do not have books to access.

People got busy.

People forgot.

Life got busy.

Let’s make this the ONE TIME that we made  this what we got busy with!  Gather your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, your local Church’s… anyone, and ask them to donate new or gently used books during the month of October to those who need them most.  Be ONE IN A MILLION with Champions for Kids to try to help 20 million kids by 2020.  And then come back and tell me what you did, share your photos and tell me your story.  I will create a montage of the people who donated and do a post with you all included to shout from the blogosphere that WE did something amazing together this month!  And that countless children have a bedtime story for the first time in their lives.  

Just as I did 32 years ago.

Nickelodeon Books for donation

If you participate, head over to Champions for Kids and tell them how awesome and amazing you are to help the kids that you do not even know.  Report your work in less than 5 minutes to their story page!  Who knows, maybe you’ll be highlighted and have bragging rights for life!

To start my drive, I headed to Walmart to gather some new books, Dora and Nickelodeon included, to start my box.  I really wanted the NEW Dora the Gymnast book to add to my collection but neither of the Walmart’s I went to had it yet!  Look at yours for the display that will have it in most of the stores!  In the meantime, my kids will decorate the box and we will get started spreading the word and asking people to be a part of something that could change a child’s life.  See my entire shop in my Google + Story below:

It is just a book to you and me.  But to them – the kids – it is a whole new world of possibility.  And every child should have possibilities!

Come back in a few weeks and see how my Nickelodeon Big Book Drive went!  I am going to try to donate to 2 places that really need them so I need to get to work!  I hope you are inspired and do the same!


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Scan this post to your friends and get them involved too!

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