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Heartburn. That terrible feeling right below your esophagus and above your stomach that makes you uncomfortable and irritated. I can’t stand it. But as I age and my body changes, I have noticed that more and more foods seem to set it off. So during the summer months when I know I will be grilling out, eating hot dogs and experiencing it on a more regular basis, I need to be proactive and nip it in the bud. Lucky for us modern day sufferers, there is Nexium 24HR!

Get Your Summer on and Kick Heartburn to the Curb with Nexium 24HR  #Nexium24Hr AD

Now, I will admit, I have not taken a regimen to help counteract this issue before. I just have sort of lived with it and hoped it would go away. But with summer burgers, hot dogs with chili and nachos being consumed weekly, I needed some help! So for 14 days I took Nexium 24HR and I honestly noticed a difference! Gone was the heartburn that followed a birthday party or event in which I splurged.

Get Your Summer on and Kick Heartburn to the Curb with Nexium 24HR  #Nexium24Hr AD

Nexium 24HR is to be taken once a day for no more than fourteen days and can be restarted after four months. Nexium 24HR is used to treat frequent heartburn only. It does not cure acid reflux, GERD or any other diseases.

The great thing about taking something that helps ward off that feeling of heat and comfortableness in your chest when you eat something you love. For some reason, along with the regular foods like stuffed jalapenos and  chili, cake seems to bother me more and more. Especially really rich cakes. With three birthday’s in my family over the summer, I had two choices. Don’t eat the cake or deal with the heartburn. I did not like either of these options! Nexium 24HR and taking it every day for 14 days let me eat my cake and enjoy it too!

In addition, instead of paying attention to heartburn, I could get out and enjoy fun summer events with the kids! backyard games are my favorite!

Get Your Summer on and Kick Heartburn to the Curb with Nexium 24HR  #Nexium24Hr AD

Take care of your heartburn the easy way with Nexium 24HR. I have noticed a decrease in my incidents and frequency. In about 4 months, when I can do it again, I will take another 14 day course! Why suffer from heartburn if you don’t have to?

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