Head out this SATURDAY, November 10, 2012 for Neighborhood Toy Store Day!  Check out ASTRA’s website to find your neighborhood toy store and help support your local economy by shopping at the stores that are around the corner!

Your Neighborhood Toy Store

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I actually prefer my neighborhood toy store.  We visit it before the holidays or a birthday and I find that the toys are higher quality, affordable and somewhat unique.  No mass made, hurry and get it on shelves stuff here!  And I love that I can browse and chat with the people who work there and find things that I know will teach and entertain my kids!

YourNeighborhoodToyStore.com {ASTRA’S website} is the best resource to search for high quality toys in your neighborhood.  They aim to help parents define that WOOHOO factor that we all want our kids to have when we present them with something they will love! In addition, the website has expert advice on toys and play for children of all ages.  Think your kid has everything?  Read about some unique toys that can take their imagination to a new level!

Your Neighborhood Toy Store

Another great perk to shopping local is the return to your community for every dollar you spend.  When your neighborhood toy store pays it’s taxes, rents and more, they feed right back into your community instead of feeding into a national chains bill.  We all want our communities to thrive and shopping local can be a great way to keep your healthy and vibrant!

My girls were lucky enough to receive some amazing toys that are just a sampling of the fun and interesting toys local toy stores carry!  From the super fun and creative Puppet-on-a – Stick by Educational Insights which has little hands crafting fun characters that they can use to put on a show to My First Science Kit which has my kid searching the house for things to “discover”, the toys are comprehensive, fun and very well made!

My First Science Kit

Included in these ASTRA’s Best Toys of 2012 Award winners is the ever popular wooden train.  The BRIO Classic Figure 8 Train Set by Schylling Toys was ripped open and put together in no time here.  My 3 and 5 year old happily played and made the track all by themselves!  Plus, it is sturdy and will out last their attention span!

Find unique, fun and affordable toys at your Neighborhood Toy Store this Saturday, November 10, 2012 and all year long!  Like me you will see that you will avoid the craze of finding that commercial toy in exchange for the WOOHOO Factor!

**I received a selection of toys for review purposes only.  All writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**