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Walk into any school these days and you see a mixture of old and new. Chalk boards have upgraded to white boards but kids still carry books and have paper homework. Teacher’s still need to hand grade tests and homework and then return it to your child. But what if a teacher could give instant, electronic feedback to your child in class? What if the teacher’s time was spent on teaching and less on paperwork?  NeedThese ~ Your Techucation Partner! wants to help every district upgrade to Samsung School Solutions which creates an electronic classroom that can only enhance the learning experience!

NeedThese - Samsung School Solutions #NeedThese

What is Samsung School Solution?

The Samsung School Solution enables the instant sharing of screen content from your teachers’ tablet or PC screen to Interactive TV/Whiteboards and their students’ personal devices. It gives staff greater control over their classroom, increasing student engagement and ensuring a more efficient transfer of materials to pupils. This solution facilitates the development of an interactive learning environment by offering dynamic Question & Answer sessions, and helps teachers monitor class attendance and participation, allowing them to work more independently and flexibly.

Check out the video below to learn more:

Who is NeedThese – Your Tech~ucation Partner!?

NeedThese is THE premier provider of Samsung School Solutions, the electronic classroom of the future.  They are the only company that also provides Professional Development for Samsung School Solutions. In other words, they are so skilled and so educated on the benefits and how to’s of the program that they go into the school and train teachers and staff, provide support and help make the program successful.

NeedThese - Samsung School Solutions #NeedThese

A real NeedThese Install of Samsung School Solutions

Since its inception in 1999, NeedThese has supported a highly collaborative approach to incorporate technology planning, advanced IT solutions, quality hardware and software, and complete customer satisfaction. NeedThese is passionate about delivering talented professionals and strategic implementation that is measurable, manageable and exemplifies an excellent quality client experience.

As a mom of three children in elementary school, I would love to see a classroom where the kids show up and get instant feedback on lessons, tests, homework and more.

NeedThese - Samsung School Solutions #NeedThese

Imagine This is Your Child’s Desk

Now, you and I can not go into a school and tell them to research Samsung School Solutions. But we can talk to the School Board, bring up the technology in our PTO’s and spread the word through school officials.  If YOU are a teacher or involved in your school in any way, a simple conversation to get the ball rolling on the conversation can make a huge difference in the quality learning environment in your school!

NeedThese ~ Your Techucation Partner! is redefining quality learning in classrooms across America with the innovating Samsung School Solutions platform. One of the schools they installed this innovative technology was just featured on the local news in Corning, PA.  Many more testaments can be seen on the NeedThese YouTube page!

Because NeedThese~Your Techucation Partner! wants every child to have every advantage, they are giving ONE (1) of our readers a Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 10.1 16GB in White! I have two of these and they are amazing! Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

NeedThese - Samsung School Solutions #NeedThese

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