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Navigating Health Issues as a Single Mom When You Don't Have Prescription Coverage

I love being a single mom and have never once seen it as a negative for me or my children. I am a fairly independent woman, though, which was sparked very early in my childhood by the need to take care of myself and others in the absence of a real parent. When I was adopted it was really difficult for me to fit into a family unit. I had already had a life of making my own choices so rules were somewhat foreign to me. So it really is no surprise that I am a single mom to three daughters and will most likely stay that way for the rest of my life. The only real stress I feel is the constant need to create the income that takes care of us. As a small business owner, it all falls on me. I don’t have a 9 -5 that gives me a paycheck twice a month. I work from home with this blog and my social media management company and the pressures of making sure I have enough for the mortgage, food, clothing and everything else my kids need can be immense. I struggle… a lot. To say that unexpected expenses are hard to navigate sometimes is an understatement. One unexpected expense: prescription drugs. Because I am a small business owner I have insurance through the government. While it covers some basic needs it is seriously lacking in real coverage, including prescriptions. So I sometimes wonder if I should stop taking my monthly thyroid medication just to avoid the cost. Lucky for me, I have learned about a valuable service called LifeInCheck™, a prescription drug plan dedicated to making prescriptions more affordable for the whole family.

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The LifeInCheck™ plan is not A Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or insurance

My prescription is a three month supply of thyroid medications. Though that does not seem like a big deal as we all know that thyroid medications are fairly affordable, the payment is still something I have to plan for. I almost always have it due when something else is going on as well. Like last year when I have a persistent cough for over 10 weeks and had to go to the doctor almost weekly. With every visit came prescription medications that all cost money. With no prescription drug coverage I was paying quite a bit out of pocket. In fact, there were several that I left at the pharmacy due to the cost. Right in the middle of it my thyroid medication refill was due.

Navigating Health Issues as a Single Mom When You Don't Have Prescription Coverage at LifeInCheck

No one, single mom or not, should have to leave medications at the pharmacy because they can not afford them. But the truth is, navigating health issues as a single mom is not as easy as some would think and the number one reason for that is the cost followed closely by finding the time to actually be sick. During that 10 weeks I spent over $250 on medications. That is groceries for the week, gas for the month and painful on the pocketbook when it is unexpected. If I had used LifeInCheck™, I would have saved most of that. LifeInCheck™ is a NEW prescription drug plan dedicated to making prescriptions more affordable for the whole family to support a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. (85-90% on generic, 14-15% on name brand drugs) and 175+ prescriptions are offered at no cost to members! You can go to Walgreens Weekly Ad by clicking here.

175+ prescriptions are available at no cost & up to 90% discount on other prescriptions

No cost prescriptions include 40 of the 100 most common prescriptions in the US and include certain medications for high blood pressure, antibiotics, mental health and more

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Navigating Health Issues as a Single Mom When You Don't Have Prescription Coverage that you can afford

LifeInCheck™ has, so far, put my mind at ease by paying for almost all of my thyroid medications. Should I have another illness episode this year, it will certainly ease my prescription costs as well. LifeInCheck™ is brought to you by Inmar, a data and technology analytics company. Over the past 15 years, Inmar has created relationships with brands and retailers to provide consumers with the lowest price on prescribed medications.

The one thing I really love about LifeInCheck™ is the ability to search and compare prices to help me find the lowest price at a pharmacy near me.  As a creature of habit, I always go to the same pharmacy thinking it all costs the same no matter where you go. Come to find out, that is not true! Just by searching I found a few dollars in savings just up the road from the regular pharmacy I have on file at the doctors office! Also, I can search for medications that may be less expensive but do the same thing. *Talk to your doctor about the alternatives you find as well.

Navigating Health Issues as a Single Mom When You Don't Have Prescription Coverage with LifeinCheck program

Navigating health issues as a single mom comes with a lot of stress. Having to pay for expensive prescriptions should not be one. LifeInCheck™ costs just $149.95 a year to cover all family members in the household or $14.95 a month to cover all family members, after the 30 day free trial. Having it is already saving me $25 per prescription refill AFTER the fee! Over the year, just on my one thyroid medication, which I have to have, I will save $100. I can’t wait to save on meds the next time I unexpectedly get sick again too. This time, I can pick up and use ALL of my medications as the doctor has instructed!

Navigating Health Issues as a Single Mom When You Don't Have Prescription Coverage and get a discount

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What prescription costs are you paying right now?