I try to get my sleep, I really do.  But life gets in the way and I only seem to be able to manage 4 -5 hours a night.  It has been that way for a while now and I think I am just used to it.  Thank goodness for my new Nature’s Sleep Visco Memory foam pillow that helps me sleep better now!
 Nature's Sleep Pillow
When you get that little sleep, it needs to count!  And by count, it needs to be deep and comfortable and uninterrupted.  Unfortunately, though I have a memory foam mattress that does help me sleep well, I find that I am adjusting my pillows throughout the night and waking up to do so.  That is no way to get restful sleep!
One of my issues, I believe is that my pillows get too flat during the night or get bunched up under me and cause a restless sleep.  But the last few weeks I have been sleeping on the Natures Sleep Visco Memory Foam Pillow.  It is so plush and so comfortable and I don’t move during the night.  I can tell that it molds to my neck and head and I can see the imprint in the morning.
Nature' Sleep Pillow
Proof that this pillow is fantastic and that it is working for me is a)  I am sleeping better and b) I can feel the neck pain that I normally have in the mornings becoming less and less.  I guess because I am no longer shifting and moving all night, that pain of moving into a better position is released!
I love this pillow and even more that I can unzip the cover and wash it too.  How many pillow’s can you do that with?
Besides pillows, Nature’s Sleep has memory foam mattresses and more!  In fact, right now, you can WIN a Saphire Gel Mattress on Facebook from Nature’s Sleep!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

There are countless reasons we don’t sleep well at night, from bodily aches and pains to daily stress. Your body’s natural energy can help you heal – and now you can harness it while you sleep.

Nature’s Sleep is introducing the BioCrystal® technology for Mattresses, an innovative new approach to revitalizing the body and mind. BioCrystal® mattresses allow and combine the power of crystals to enhance the natural flow of positive energy during ones sleep, so you sleep soundly through the night and wake feeling your best.

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