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#MyColgateSelfie #ad

#MyColgateSelfie boasts my healthy choices with messy hair and a dirty shirt meaning I killed it at CrossFit and an ice cold glass of water showing that I re-hydrate too, which is so important! Don’t forget about my pearly whites!

Get Those Health Goals on Track during National Women’s Health Week #MyColgateSelfie #ad

I’ll be honest… I had no idea there was a National Women’s Health Week! But there is! May 8-14, 2016 is the time we ladies need to boost our healthy habits that can create positive changes in our lives. While we make the choices to put good food in our bodies, to exercise regularly and to make sure we get enough rest, we also need to take care of our hair, nails, skin and teeth. Yes, teeth! Take it from me, the woman who spent over 16 hours in the dental chair on two root canals, we cannot neglect our teeth! With my ‘lesson learned’ attitude, I am on the hunt for products that can help me keep my newly repaired teeth and their surrounding pals, happy and healthy. So when I was told about the Colgate Total® Daily Repair regimen, I had to try it! Just in time for National Women’s Health Week!

Save $0.75 on the new Colgate Total Daily Repair Mouthwash and Colgate Total Daily Repair Toothpaste. Print coupons here!

Get Those Health Goals on Track during National Women’s Health Week #MyColgateSelfie #ad

Leading up to and during National Women’s Health Week (May 8-14, 2016), Colgate Total® invites women across the country to pledge to Refresh, Restore and Repair their health, starting with something as simple as switching to the Colgate Total® Daily Repair regimen. I received my package last week and have been using the regimen twice a day as recommended. We can ALL join in by making sure women know that their oral health is just as important as anything else, and by taking healthy selfies and posting them on our social media channels! The goal is to get the conversation moving and motivating women like us to take the time to take care of US!

Post your selfie using the HASHTAG #MYCOLGATESELFIE Now!

Get Those Health Goals on Track during National Women’s Health Week #MyColgateSelfie #ad

How fun is this? Not only is it a time to brag all about the healthy decisions you are making every day, from small to large, but you can motivate the women around you which just motivates you more! Did you eat an apple today instead of chocolate? Share it! Did you make it to your first ever Yoga class? Share it! Did you turn off the TV and get some sleep? Share it! Anything healthy, I want to see!

Get Those Health Goals on Track during National Women’s Health Week #MyColgateSelfie #ad

The Colgate Total® Daily Repair regimen offers products that provide a range of oral health benefits. New to the regimen is the Colgate Total® Daily Repair Mouthwash which helps kill bad breath germs while also helping to repair daily damage to teeth. Also in the regimen is Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste, which helps repair early teeth & gum damage, freshen breath and whiten teeth.

What are your health goals for 2016? Now is as good a time as ever to get started!


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