I’ve been home for a few days from the hospital and am taking Doctor’s orders to relax very seriously.  Well, people around me are making me take Doctor’s orders to rest very seriously.

My husband – exhausted in his own right – did take a long nap on Friday after I was released.  I took my oldest, Katie, to get my prescriptions filled while he and the other two napped.  I was fine doing it.  It got me outside and got Katie some time with mommy.  But it did prove to be a lot for me to handle and so I stayed put after that.

Sunday, my husband took the girls and spent most of the day gone.  So I rested and willed myself better.  It was nice and I think he enjoyed relaxing with the kids too.

Monday, I was on my own.  It did not seem like much to chase three daughters, two dogs, get my house somewhat back in order, blog a little and just run my day as normal.  Yea… I was wrong and Monday night thought I was going to die.  When they say you have an accelerated heart rate and 60% lung capacity and to DO NOTHING, they mean it!

By the Grace of God, my parents arrived Tuesday morning.  My house was a disaster – cause that is not embarrassing to present to your parents, right? – but I quickly got over it.  I let me mommy and daddy take care of everything.  Literally.

Because they sent me to my room.  Just like the used to when I was a kid.  Only I didn’t do anything wrong this time so it does not seem as devastating.  A whole day, in my room, to sleep, rest and heal?  And my kids are WELL taken care of, my laundry is done, my dishes are done and everyone is happy?

And it will be like this the majority of the week?

It is going to be one rough week.

But they are doing more than just taking over for me.  They are taking over with new ideas for the kids, new energy and the wonderful grandparent knowledge that they get to go home at the end of this so they might as well live it up while they are here!

In fact, Oma – my mom – will win the “Most Awesomest Keeping my House in Order” Award and Opa – my Dad – will win the “Most Creative and Fun Things to do With My Kids” Award!  I really need to have some T-Shirts made!

Just check out what my Dad had my two oldest doing this morning while my Mom bathed Megan!

An obstacle course in the driveway!

Now why didn’t I think of that?  Now I  know why we have all those toys in the garage!

My parents even helped me Raise A Cone today to celebrate the Start of Summer!

I could get used to this, couldn’t you?

In all honesty, they are saving me and though I feel ‘weird’ to be sitting in my bed, napping when I want, and letting them do absolutely everything for me, I know that if I don’t, I could just get more sick.  And that does nobody any good!

So as I sit here – sent to my room by my parents – I listen to my kids play and my dogs bark in play and I am eternally grateful.  To my parents, my husband, my mother in law (who had the kids the WHOLE week I was in the hospital), and everyone who has sent good wishes and prayers.

Without all of you, this would be almost devastating to my family and my health.  And your kindness and generosity is not lost on me!

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