I have asked my husband if we could please change our last name to Coffee.  He said no, but I think I made my point.

I love coffee.  All coffee’s.  Coffee’s in a can.  Coffee’s in a bag.  Coffee’s in beans, ground, or prominently displayed in my favorite cup. And I love new coffee’s.  New aroma’s dancing under my nose, new flavors making my taste buds stand at attention.

But in all of the travels that I have taken my coffee addicted self on, none have found the warm, deep flavor of Peet’s Coffee.  And I can’t imagine why!  It was sitting right up the street at my neighborhood Kroger.

Not only did I open my eyes and finally see the amazing choices Peet’s Coffee has, and has had sitting on the shelf, right in plain view…  grrr… but they have two new flavor out as well.  I walked right in, snagged the four lonely bags that needed a home in my coffee pot, and inhaled the packaging of Cafe Solano and Cafe Domingo.  And then I went home, made a pot, sat out on my back porch and fell into the warm, smooth, happiness of these two new Medium Roast coffees.

While rocking back and forth, balancing my cup while my three children randomly jumped on me and my dog bounced up and down looking for a little spot for himself, I had an idea.

I should take this new, wonderful, coffee I have discovered and surprise another coffee lover with a Peet’s Coffee switch!  You know I love to tell everyone who will listen about new things I find, so why not use this great new coffee to show a little appreciation to someone too?

I chose my ever helpful, amazing, wonderful neighbor.  She loves coffee but drinks the same thing every day.  A switch is just what she needs!

So I went back to my Kroger with my fabulous $3.00 OFF Peet’s Coffee Coupon in hand, bought the only two bags on the shelf… word must be getting out… some great coffee thermoses and some breakfast granola bars and got to work.  I made a pot of coffee, packed a basket with my goodies and filled one of the cups with Peet’s Cafe Solano Medium Roast coffee!

See my shop below:

My girls went with me, they appreciate my wonderful neighbor too after all, and knocked banged on “”Miss. Apple’s” door.  Miss.  ApRil opened the door and was happy to see us!

I told her we had something for her and we shuffled in, Peet’s Coffee Basket coyly hidden behind my brood!

We small talked for a moment and then I told her to take a sip from the coffee tumbler.  She looked at me skeptically, I promised her it would be great, and took a sip.

And then another.  And another.

‘This is so good!  What is this?”

I told her that she was enjoying my new favorite coffee and she was thrilled!  Her 15 year old son, being new to coffee, grabbed the cup and tasted it too.  And he loved it as well!

Both of them were so happy that included in their package were two new bags of Peet’s Coffee.  Especially after I informed them that the Kroger shelf needed restocking!

I see my neighbor and I sitting on her front porch, or my back one, lazily rocking as my kids use us as climbing devices.  Ahhh… the relaxation of it all!

But, regardless, I am a new Peet’s Coffee convert!  And I think she is too.  I love its rich flavor and smooth taste!  And now I think I’ll go make a cup!

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