This morning, after procrastinating while I got my feelings in check, I finally got down to it and transformed my last baby, Megan’s, room into a big girl room!  It’s hard to watch them grow but they have to.  And now that it is done, it feels like it should feel.  Like a little girl loves to play, read and act like Mommy in her room!

A little tidbit:

We found her head board and foot board at the back of a clearance section at a high end furniture store for only $10!  We thought that if we could not turn it into a bed, $10 was OK to lose.  Well, my talented husband worked his magic and filled holes, fixed dings, sanded until his hands hurt and turned it in to the beautiful little girl bed it was meant to be!  He used scrap lumber we had to form the side rails and slats!  I could not be more proud and Megan Loves it!

So, before you go drop money on a new bed – like we did for our first two daughters – consider spending a weekend or two fixing up a scratch and dent!

As you know, Megan picked out her horsey bedding from and the applique on her wall is from!

Now, if I could just keep it clean…  :)