I am very lucky that I able to be home with my kids.  I’ve been home all but Katie’s first year and I know that is hard in these day and times for a lot of families.  So, I cherish the things I get to do as a stay at home mom.

Like waking up my daughter – 3 attempts minimum to get her up – helping her get ready, loading her in the car and driving her to Kindergarten every morning.  And every afternoon I load up my younger two daughters and go sit in the long car line, play on my phone, search feverishly for the sign with her name to show the guys taking the line down, repeat 3700 times that we are going to move in just a second to the ones in the back screaming, “GO MOM GO!” and pick her up.

It is a pain, I can admit it.  But when she gets in the car and she gives me her sticker that she gets for being quiet in the line, it melts my heart and makes it all worth it.

But now there is a recurring conversation as a result of the fact that Katie got to ride on a school bus for a field trip a while back.  Ever since then, she has asked if she can ride the bus.  I always just tell her that she is a car rider and try to change the subject.  But as she has gotten to know her friends she has figured out that some are car riders, some are bus riders and some are both, the pressure is rising.

Now, she really, really, Really, REALLY, REEAALLYY MOM PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE, wants to ride the bus.

I don’t want her to.  Call it mommy selfishness, call it unreasonable ridiculousness, call it “I will get my way as her mother” stubborness, but I really, really, Really, REALLY, REEAALLYY KATIE PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE do not want her to ride the bus.

I tell her they are not as safe as a car.


I tell her they don’t have seatbelts.


I tell her it is my job to drive her to and from school.

Kinda the truth.

But the reality is that I just don’t want to lose her to the grown up, independent, ‘I don’t need you anymore, Mom.” crowd.

So, rather than suck it up and be an adult and let her ride the bus a few times, I subject myself to the same argument every day on the way home.  And I shake my head in disbelief that my little Katie is old enough to even have this option.

I just can’t believe that my kindergartner wants to ride the school bus.

Image borrowed from apollokidz.com.