WOW!  I have soooo much to learn!

I was so happy to attend my first bloggers meeting last night through!  I loved meeting all of the wonderful ladies and chatting it up about web design.  I highly recommend to every blogger out there to seek out a blogging group on your area and go to the meetings!

I learned more last night about blogging in 2.5 hours than I have in 9 months of going it alone!

And now it is time to implement my lessons.

So, a few things will be changing on

I am deleting my Coupons and Deals Page.  It is low read and really, with all of the deals and coupons out there on more direct sites to that kind of stuff, my information is limited and useless, really.  It just causes my blog to look too busy.

There are some other changes coming to the Giveaway and Reviews Page and Winners Page as well.

But the big change is that I am planning a move to WordPress.  I think you guys, my readers, will like the format and the ease in commenting and reading a lot better.

So stay tuned, find a local group in your area, and THANK YOU to the wonderful ladies I met last night!

Check them out!

Bobbie from  Find her on Facebook and Twitter

Vicki from  Find her on Facebook and Twitter

Heather from  Find her on Facebook and Twitter

Jenna from  Find her on Facebook and Twitter

I sincerely Thank You for letting me come and bend your ears!