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My Dog, One Eyed Jack, is Family and Here is Why

I am the first one to admit that I understand why people consider their dogs to be family. They are in every aspect of our lives from the moment we adopt them. They are at our feet when we cook and eat, in our beds when we sleep and at the door happy to see us every single time we walk in it. Even if we just walked out to check the mail. I actually have a hard time with people who don’t consider pets their family. Luckily, it is a very small part of the population! My Dog, One Eyed Jack, is Family and Here is Why… I want him to be!

95% of dog owners consider them to be family

My Dog is Family

I talk to One Eyed Jack

My Dog, One Eyed Jack, is Family and Here is Why I love him

Jack and I have been buddies since the day the Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue brought him to me, three weeks after surgery, skinny and scared. His personality won me over and, over the years, he has become a confidant. I tell him everything, ask him questions and even sometimes wait for his advice. Don’t tell anyone, except the 44% of people who also think their dogs are their confidant!

Dogs give us two ears and a lot of patience to hear us out.

I Let Him Sleep With Me

Well, not just Jack. All 5 of my current dogs sleep with me. Sometimes Jack will feel crowded and go sleep with my girls but them comes back later  in the night to curl up around me again.  Friends think  I am nuts. My family does not get it at all. Our dogs growing up slept in a bed on the floor.

But, like many people, my dogs are my spoons and help me sleep better!

I Make Sure He Eats Well

It is possible that Jack eats better than I do. He gets his own personalized bag made by Just Right by Purina! This custom blend includes all of the things he needs to have a shiny coat, bright eyes and the 4 year old mentality of a curious beagle!

My Dog, One Eyed Jack, is Family and Here is Why I feed him well

Like 64% of dog owners, I do ask Jack if he enjoyed his food when he is done eating. It has been established that, because he is family, I really do care! I also feed my dogs before I feed the family and have been known to buy my dogs birthday cakes too. I am not alone, though, as you can see by these Mealtime Survey Results!

My dog is family and I think he is a pretty special part of it as well! When the kids are at their dads, Jack is here. When I am down or just want to love on something that won’t talk back, Jack is here. When I want to get motivated to get up and take a walk, Jack is always ready!

How much of a part of the family is your dog?