**Originally published 12/16/2010. But still so applies.**

I had one hour of sleep last night.  One whole, refreshing, blissful, productive hour of sleep last night!

I. Feel. Great.

It all started night before last.  Sarah was up way too late, 11pm, because she was super excited about pajama day at preschool.  So, at nap time yesterday, she fell asleep immediately and snored away for two long, wonderful hours.  That is one hour more than the sleep I got last night.  In case you missed it.

My Brain on Tired

In any event, she was well rested and in no mood to go back to sleep at 7 pm.  or 8.  Or 9.  Or 10.  She was up, in and out of her room, asking for food, drink, to check the balance of her college fund, and any other stalling excuse until 2 am.  Well – she fell asleep on the couch for an hour or so, but then was up until 2am.

Being up anyway, I decided to quickly balance the check book.  I like to do that when no one else is around so that I can cry in private.  Well, that took and hour.  At 3 am, I curled up in my warm bed and started to doze off.

And then I heard Megan.  I knew from the loud “MAMA” that this was no come cover me up I am cold and will go right back to sleep cry.  Sure enough, she was standing in her crib, saw me, stretched her arms out and proceeded to be up until 4 am.

I laid down and slept.

Megan was up again at 5 am.  Exhausted and not thinking clearly, I put her in bed with me.

Bad idea.

She played until 6 am.

I put her back to bed only to lay down and have Katie come out at 6:21 am, ready for the day.  I have been up since.

Even armed with my adoring cup of coffee, I am so very tired.

So, this is my brain on tired.  Please forgive any random, uninteresting tweets, half cockimamy Facebook posts, and other disorienting communications I may have today.  I would love to take a nap and reset my system, but my children have no concept of the tired mommy is in, so that won’t be happening.

Maybe tonight they will sleep through the night and sleep in tomorrow.

Or maybe I’ll win the lottery.