So, officially, I am LATE on telling you guys how I did during month 3 of the Cinch plan from the Shaklee Corporation  And not because I do not continue to be excited about the program and love it, but just because life happens sometimes! In any event, I am THRILLED to announce that, despite back to school, taking care of these crazy kids and other stresses that made this month one of the businest ever, that I DID LOSE some more weight.

In fact, I lost 4 pounds which puts me….  wait for it….

20 POUNDS OFF in 3 Months!

Yep, I started at 180 and some change and now I am at 160 and some change.  Like 160.4.    Now, my measurements are EXACTLY the same as last month so I could have broken even and other factors show weight loss but I am still as thrilled as I can be!  Check out my progress in the photos below:

Cinch Cinch



Insert Cheesy Happy Grin Here

Now, I realize that 4 pounds in a month does not seem like that big of a deal but it SO IS!  Especially with all of the running and doing and opportunity to GAIN 4 pounds in a month!

Check out my video on how CINCH helped me stay on track during a nutty month!

I am really enjoying the CINCH plan and am looking forward to staying on track this next month!  As you can see, it is super easy and fun to do and it IS WORKING!  Now, I just need to get more exercise in and less running around like  a chicken with my head cut off!

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Cinch Success Stories:

I’ll keep you updated on how I am doing!  I look forward to sharing my #Cinchspiration journey with you!

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