In the midst of all I do all day, I have grand ideas that I am going to be able to stop and organize every room in my house every single week.

Well, I am in lala land, as any mom will tell you.  But I still need to get it done.  Now, if I could hire someone to come in and unload all of my drawers and closets and reorganize them to my liking, I would. But that’s expensive and really, there are some things that don’t need to be seen!

One of my largest concerns is what to do with all of my millions…. ok, thousands…. OK… hundreds of DVD’s and CD’s and video games that I have that are cluttering closets and nooks and cranny’s and the attic.  I have tried to sell them but no one wants them.  However, I really, REALLY don’t want to throw them away.  Despite the fact that my little country neighborhood does not  have recycling, I do like to be green about where I throw a ton of plastic.

Now, I have a place to get rid of my old DVD, CD’s and games. is a FREE service where you can turn on your old stuff and get cold, hard cash! Just enter your stuff on the site, send them in FREE with the shipping label and then get a check back!


So, in that respect, I have a task this weekend.  It might have to find a box large enough to send to, but, really, it will totally be worth the effort.  Because I will get them out of my house and I will get a check in the mail to compensate me for the green choice I made!

What do you do with your old stuff?  What is your favorite way to keep things green?  Share your best tips with me ’cause I need all the help I can get!

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