I am sure you can imagine the number of DVD’s, CD’s and more that I have in my house. Saying I have a ton is an understatement. In fact, you can see from my shelves that I have even run out of places to store them!

Though we have family movie night many times a week, I still am overloaded with old blu-rays, CD’s and more. And, as a single mom, I am always looking for a way to earn money from the items I already own.


So, first and foremost, MagpieMusic.com is F R E E!

Yep, free to use and earn from! That is so important for those of us who really need the income.

There are many ways to get your CDs, DVDs into the system for easy money. One is to enter the codes on the website. Another is to scan the codes using the musicmagpie iPhone app! Just sit in front of your music and movie collection and scan away!

You can sell from 10 to 500 items at a time. As you scan, you will see your money add up. The payment per item depends on the item that you are entering. Once everything is in, MusicMagpie.com will send you a shipping label so that you can send your stuff FREE to them!


Once they get the shipment, your check is cut and mailed to y0u!

Depending on the popularity of the item, I am getting $3.25 – $5.00 back on each one! That is not too shabby on items that would just sit here and take up space in my house.

Sure, you can sell your used and gently worn items to a pawn shop, at a garage sale or give them all away! But I think getting cold hard cash is a better option!


Imagine entering all of your stuff and having that money you need for that special item you have been saving for?

Get started today earning on your old CDs, DVDs and more! Come back and tell me how much you have earned!