My husband has a love for Dr. Pepper and all things Dr. Pepper.  I have a love for education and helping people get an education.  So when I had a chance to go to my nephew’s college and hand out Dr. Pepper Ten, the new 10 calorie Dr. Pepper, and tell his friends about MurphyUSA and Dr. Pepper’s $1,000 College Scholarship that they are handing out, I jumped on it.  Even though I had no idea how or when I was going to be able to do it.

I wanted college kids to know about it!  Click here for the $1,000 College Scholarship details.

I headed to my favorite MurphyUSA on the hunt for the new Dr. Pepper Ten!  Unfortunately, none of the MurphyUSA’s around me carried the drink yet.  I was sad but still determined to make it happen!  So, I grabbed five bottles of Dr. Pepper Cherry, another favorite around here, and headed to the college.

I met my Nephew by the library and he and I, and my promo buddyette, Megan headed in to the crowded cafeteria!

I quickly realized that I should have brought 100 Dr. Pepper’s with me!  There were a lot of kids!  That made me very happy!

We stopped at a few tables and asked if they would let me take photos and video them and were turned down.  And then I came upon a table full of kids laughing and relaxing between classes.

I asked them if they had heard of Dr. Pepper Ten and one guy said, “I have and I’ve had it.  No big deal… tastes just like regular Dr. Pepper.”They were eager and excited when I told them about the $1,000 college scholarship that MurphyUSA and Dr. Pepper were teaming up to hand out, told them that it was as easy as a text message to apply, and handed them the Dr. Pepper Cherry’s!

Well… I think that is the point so that is GREAT to know for Dr. Pepper fans everywhere!

I got their permission to video their reactions and you can see it below.  The weird, high squeaking voice is me:

OK – so they were more excited when I was handing out the Dr. Pepper but it’s ok!  By the time I left, I had more kids come up to me and ask me for the website and how to find Dr. Pepper Ten!  I was more than happy to share!

And you can see my whole experience here as well!

And now I will be stalking every MurphyUSA that I go to until my stores get the ten calorie drink that should be on shelves everywhere!

Have YOU tried Dr. Pepper Ten?  What did you think?

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