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One movie that the girls and I have on the list to see AS SOON AS POSSIBLE is Muppets Most Wanted! We are huge fans of Kermit, Ms Piggy and the gang and it thrills me that I can pass on the beloved characters of my childhood. Remember The Muppet Show? It was a family affair growing up for me. Now, the characters, the charms and the fun are in my children’s lives too. To help celebrate the movie, YOU can get a coupon and save on Lipton Tea to use at Target! Aside from my coffee, it is the one drink I have every single day of my life! No kidding!

Muppets Most Wanted

But more than the awesome video and the coupon, you can also WIN 2 FREE Tickets to see Muppets Most Wanted in theaters! 10 pairs a DAY will be given away until March 31, 2014.

See the video below!

Muppets Most WantedSee all of the sweepstakes rules and watch the video NOW!

How do the Muppets entertain your family? Did you grow up watching them too? Tell me your favorite character!

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