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Oh I remember well the late nights up with my cholicy baby. My middle daughter had it horribly. Nurse, spit up, cry, and nurse again. It was an seemingly endless cycle that made me feel horrible for her. If I had her now, I would use the LATCH Bottle from Munchkin!

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Join me for the #LoveLatch Twitter Party Wednesday, 11/12/14 8 am PST/ 11 am EST

The LATCH bottle can reduce colic without the extra pieces and parts. Its accordion-style LATCH nipple flexes as the baby moves its head, allowing the baby to keep its latch while decreasing ingestion of air. Plus, the anti-colic valve located at the bottom of the LATCH bottle allows for breast milk to flow while ensuring air bubbles don’t travel through. This can help in reducing gas and fussiness.

I nursed exclusively but when I had to feed her from a bottle I found that the nipples were hard on her and the going from breast milk in a bottle back to the breast seemed some what confusing to her. Most bottles have round nipples that are firm and hard for baby to suck through. So going back to the softness of mommy’s breast can be hard.

Join me for the #LoveLatch Twitter Party Wednesday, 11/12/14 8 am PST/ 11 am EST

The LATCH bottle was designed to help with the transition from breast to bottle and back again.  Munchkin also conceived the Express Yourself #LoveLatch video campaign to target nursing & bottle feeding moms.

You can use the #LoveLatch hashtag to talk about how/why the LATCH bottle makes the nursing/feeding transition easier, as well as share an anecdote about the beautiful, funny, or even challenging moments of feeding one’s baby.

The LATCH nipple releases more breastmilk through the bottle as baby sucks. When she sucks a little, a little comes out. When she wants more, more comes out. Just like mommy’s breast. This bottle would have come in handy when I was feeding all three of my girls. I would have scraped the ‘typical’ bottle and tried to reduce any discomfort me babies had!

Join me for the #LoveLatch Twitter Party Wednesday, 11/12/14 8 am PST/ 11 am EST

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