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This has been a harsh winter by my south Texas standards; and we have seen our fair share of colds in our home.  Keeping Children’s Mucinex®on hand in our medicine cabinet has saved me more than a few trips to the pharmacy!  We lovingly dress them, feed them and keep them safe with utmost priority, yet sending them off to school and day care can expose children to germs capable of causing colds.  Without warning, waking up with three stuffy, congested and coughing daughters is always an unpleasant surprise in the morning.

Children's Mucinex

As a user of adult Mucinex® I have trusted this brand for many years.  With the availability of the  Children’s Mucinex® line, it is comforting to know that I am armed with defense against tough colds for my daughters.  Though I cannot keep my daughters from being exposed to cold-causing viruses, I do try to instill first line defense tips in their upbringing.

Tip 1: Hand-washing, hand-washing, hand-washing!  It is imperative that my daughters understand the value in simply keeping their hands clean!  While they are young, their tendencies to put their hands on their tiny faces, eyes, noses and mouths are undeniable.   Keeping their hands clean can help to keep them in tip-top health!

childrens mucinex

Tip 2: Wipe down their toys. When one daughter becomes ill, it seems to quickly follow with the other girls if I do not wipe down frequently used toys.  Just a simple homemade antibacterial solution can help to kill the lurking germs that find their way into their little bodies.

Tip 3: Eating colorful fruits and vegetables.  In my home it is easy to encourage my daughters to eat a “colorful” array of fresh foods. They love fruits and vegetables making my job much easier.  Incorporating healthy fresh fruits and vegetables stabilizes their delicate immune systems and helps to tackle those nasty germs.

Children’s Mucinex® is readily available in a berry flavor that my girls take without complaints.  Check out Children’s Mucinex® for your next stuffy, congested, and coughing morning!

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childrens mucinex

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