Each child is different in their own special way and pampering that relationship is the ultimate bonding experience!  In this article you will find unique ideas to spend with your daughter on a day solely to celebrate the love you share together for a mother daughter day.  Whether you get to have a monthly date or even an annual one, make it delightfully all about the similarities you share.  Let me begin by saying that you do not need to spend a lot or even any money to spark memories during a mother daughter day that will stand the test of time…

mother daughter day

We love to share a breakfast together. It does not always being with eating away from home, we often make her favorite (Okay, mine too) fluffy pancakes with syrup. She uses traditional syrup on her yummy stacks, but me… I go for an old family favorite, a recipe from my grandma that reminds me of waking up to the beautiful aroma of her perfect pancakes as she heated the corn syrup.

mother daughter dayA picnic in the park, a little hike, berry picking (and eating), planting flowers, snow angels, making cards for family and friends, picking out a new pattern to sew, searching Pinterest for the perfect craft, playing Memory or Candy Land, finding toys to donate to a shelter, or teaching your daughter how to make cookies from scratch are all great ideas for spending time together for the day.

Treat each other to a banana split, hit the dollar store to look around, let her style your hair, put on make up with you (or on you) and gasp.. allow her to paint your toenails!

Dance to some kid jams, share a movie (at home or in the theater), teach her how to sew on a button, join a mommy-toddler group at a local gymnastics company, make cupcakes for someone, look through a magazine together and let her explore her possibilities for her future.

Meet another friend & daughter for a lunch date and let the girls sit side by side.  Share secrets with your daughter. Create a special sign that says “I love you” from across the room. Tell her your dreams and aspirations as a child and share your memories.  Lay under the sky and pick out clouds that have great shapes. Look for 4-leaf clovers and if you find one, let her pick it and make a wish.

mother daughter day

 Make memories that last a lifetime by just sharing your time, knowledge and encouragement! Take her to a water park, slide down the big slide, share a snow cone, make home made caramel popcorn, go to a high school sport game (my daughter loves to watch the cheerleaders), share a special song, go antiquing together.

Share a manicure/pedicure date, take pictures of yourselves together, take a bike ride or a walk, build a blanket fort and watch a movie on a portable DVD player.  Create scrapbook pages, start an herb garden together, plant a tree each year on a special day, make milkshakes.

Go to the zoo, have a pajama day, look through all of your old pictures and tell her the stories, go fishing, start a sewing or cooking class together, visit loved ones, share your perfume.


 Precious memories to last a lifetime come from the gift of time.  Giving yourself to your children for a day devoted to fostering your bond may come in many forms, but it is the time you spend together that will be remembered.  Have fun, teach your children, and most of all create a day that is personalized for just the two of you!

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