We are not supposed to lose our cool.  We are not supposed to let them push our buttons.  We are not supposed to show any signs of weakness in times of frustration.

We are Mothers.

We brought these kids onto this Earth and we should have a natural instinct to deal with anything and everything that they throw at us.

Mommy Tantrums Are Called Meltdowns
And thanks to June Cleaver, Carol Brady, and Peggy Bundy – ok, maybe not her, but the other two, the image of the perfect mother and housewife is a never changing, unattainable goal.  Thus setting mothers up for daily failure everywhere.

Sure, moms are more versatile today.  We can “have it all” and there are many women who do.  Those who have perfected the art of a clean house, well behaved children, and are top in their professional fields.  And I admire them.  Boy, do I!

And there there is me.  Who ‘just stays home’ and should have no other distraction other than taking care of my house and kids.  I have the charmed life, as some would say.  The easy button is attached to my front door.  And I am home to push it whenever I want.

Uh huh.  I think mine’s batteries are dead.  And since the kids have taken the batteries from the high shelf I did not think they could get to and flushed them down the toilet while I am on the phone trying to figure out if I can order a new remote – since ours has been missing since 4pm yesterday, I don’t think it will be working again any time soon.

And since I have heard no less that 268,000 “Moms” this morning, I have been argued with over changing Pull Ups, what’s for breakfast, what color they want to color with, which sticker flower they see as acceptable for their artwork, and a myriad of other things, I think I have finally decided to take that easy button, jump up and down on it until it will fit in the vacuum tube, and suck the literal life out of it.

And when I am done, I think I will throw a temper tantrum.  Full on screaming, crying, kicking, throwing toys,  inconsolable temper tantrum.

Only, since I am a mom, we will just call it a meltdown.