As much as I loved when my kids were babies I may even love this age more. 8, 10 and 11 are fun! The kids are all close enough in age that they have similar interests and all of them can help each other with homework and painting nails. My workload is still pretty high but I do appreciate that I have three little girls that can now be more of a help these days. Because of this it may surprise you to know that I still use baby products on the girls. They are my Mommy Must Haves! Sure, there are a lot of ‘tween’ items out there I could buy. But I have always used and relied on baby products and I still do. They are gentle, trusted and easy for me to find.

Mommy Must Haves that I Still Use With My Tween for pierced ears

One place I really appreciate that they have ‘grown up’ is bedtime. I clearly remember the days of getting all three in the bathtub and scrubbing them clean head to toe. It was a mess. A wonderful, blessing of a mess but a mess nonetheless. Now they all can draw their own baths, take their own showers and, as my 11 year old likes to tell me, ‘Get ready on my own, Mom!’

Just because they are older does not mean that I stop using my baby products though. These Mommy Must Haves are still important, even with a tween in the house!

‘Tear Free’

The reason I chose Baby Shampoo when the kids were little is the same reason I choose it today. Tear free means I am not running to the shower to help a child get the soap out of her eyes. Tear free means that when one sister decides to splash the other in the tub I am not dealing with ‘the soap is in my eyes!‘ It also tells me that these products are gentle and, for skin that is still delicate, that matters to me.


Here is another really great thing I learned recently! I got all three girl’s ears pierced a few weeks back. Not even thinking about how soap would affect the new holes in their bodies, I opened a new bottle of Baby Wash. Not one of them complained of burning or pain. A few days later, another mom who had just had her daughter’s done said that her daughter complained of stinging on her ears with a non-baby shampoo. It made sense to me and it made me feel even better about the choices I am making for my kids!

‘Tangle Free’

When my kids get out of the bath they comb their hair. With Tangle Free Shampoo and Conditioner, they can do this with ease. If you have a child who has thick hair, like my Sarah, or curly hair, like my Megan, you know that being able to brush through is a must.

Mommy Must Haves that I Still Use With My Tween for curly hair

Not only that, I feel like their hair is just more manageable and easier to brush the next morning too.

Dry Skin Control

The girls and I are South Texas ladies. We soak up the humidity of the weather and our skin loves us for it. During the colder months, however, especially this season where we experienced two snow falls!, our skin goes from moist to as dry as a cactus in under 10 minutes.

Mommy Must Haves that I Still Use With My Tween for gentle use

When skin is sensitive, I turn to Calming Bath. The Tear Free formula is perfect for my girls and their dry skin right before bedtime. It seems to calm their dry skin so it is not itchy overnight. For those ‘rough’ patches, I still use these baby products.

Baby Eczema Therapy Nighttime Balm too. Anything that helps them fall asleep in comfort has to be a Mommy Must Have!

Wipe Everything Clean

I don’t think I will ever be able to stop using wipes in my house. In fact, I don’t know any mom who does not have them everywhere! I use them for everything from runny noses to dirty hands. There are a wide variety of choices but I always grab Wipes from the baby aisle. They wipe away so much and are gentle on skin.

Now that the girls are older I have new things to worry about. The friends they choose, the things they hear and the moods that are starting to rear their ugly heads. But with my Mommy Must Haves I can say that bedtime baths and comfortable girls are still fairly painless.

What Mommy Must Haves do you still use from your child’s babyhood?