Now this is the mOmma of all giveways and there are TONS of great prizes so let’s get started!

A Day in Motherhood has paired with DropGifts to bring you an AWESOME Set of Giveaways!

The first is an amazing Gift Basket worth $100 from mOmma US for your baby!  TWO WILL WIN the following:

• mOmma® Developmental Drink Set

• mOmma®Spill Proof Cup with Dual Handles

• mOmma® Straw Cup

• mOmma® Straw Cup with Dual Handles

• 3 mOmma® Teethers

• mOmma®Warm Plate

• mOmma®SoD Spoon

• mOmma® Fork

mOmma® Cleaning Brush

• Replacement Straws (2ct)

• Replacement Spout

How to enter and WIN:

1)  Look for my MANY posts TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 4, 2012  through SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 on my Facebook Page!  (Look for this photo)

2)  LIKE the post.

3)  SHARE the Post/ Photo by posting something along the lines of “I want to WIN a mOmma Gift Pack from and I want to Give One to {person you nominate to win one with you} too!  Come enter and nominate your friend too!” TAG THAT FRIEND

4)  On Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 7pm EST, I will enter the entries into and choose a winner!  I will announce that winner sometime that evening!

5)  Tweet the giveaway:  WIN a mOmma $100 Gift Basket & Give 1 to a friend from @lomargie! Enter NOW! #giftathon @dropgifts @mOmmaUS

5)  WINNERS both Must LIVE in and be residents of the continental US. 


At 10am EST on Thursday, September 6, 2012, on the mOmma Facebook Page, 3,000 TEETHERS will be given away!

1. Visit the mOmma US page on Thursday september 6th 2012 at 10am EST to get the unique URL link that will allow you to gift a friend.
2. Log into DropGifts to generate your friend list and pick a friend to gift
3. Create a greeting card for your friend. You can write a personal message, pick a fun picture or even upload your own.
4. Preview your post and select delivery method (e-mail or facebook).
5. You will get delivery confirmation.
6. DON’T FORGET to tell your friend to redeem his/her gift by clicking on the post on their Facebook wall or e-mail link and entering their mailing address. Their address must be entered 7 days after the card is sent in order for their gift to be sent.
All questions concerns can be sent to

GOOD LUCK on both Giveaways and please feel free to ask any questions on my Facebook page!  

 **I will receive no compensation for running and participating in these giveaways.**