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MOM HACK: Wipes are my Go To in the Car, at Home and On the Kid

My kids are active, enthusiastic, energetic girls. There is rarely ‘down time’ with them. Even movie night turns into ‘Mom, can we put on a show?’ with a detailed recounting of the movie, acted out, for me to watch. Knowing this about my kids, it should not surprise you that we are always on the go. Volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, drama productions and clubs at school keep me in the car, on the go and exhausted. I can’t do much about the exhausted but I can do something about protecting my kids from the germs that can make them sick! Enter my #1 MOM HACK: Wipes are my Go To! But, lets be honest, most of us pick up the wipes that we should have stopped using when our kids were 5. I need more from my wipes now. So, while at HEB the other day, I was thrilled to find a product that can really help me with my mom hack;  Nice ‘n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes!

MOM HACK: Wipes are my Go To in the Car, at Home and On the Kid AND IN MY PURSE

Head into your local HEB to purchase Nice ‘n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes 5 X 20ct. Family Value Pack today!

Now, I know, moms everywhere are saying ‘Wipes as a daily use item is not a hack! We all use them!’ But do we use the right ones?

MOM HACK: Wipes are my Go To in the Car, at Home and On the Kid for this one

For years now I have used wipes in my car, my house and on my kids. I can admit, though, that the wipes I was using don’t have anti-bacterial qualities. So they would sort of ‘clean’ but did not protect. Gels are not helpful to me because 1) they are generally only for hands and 2) they are banned in schools here. So I can’t encourage my children to keep clean when they are in the most bacterial ridden place of their lives.


As I sit here petting my foster dog who I just used the wipes on to clean his feet, I am reminded of another great use for them. Because Nice ‘n CLEAN wipes are 100% natural and made from plant fiber. I can use them on the dogs paws and not worry about them licking the residue!

MOM HACK: Wipes are my Go To in the Car, at Home and On the Kid and the dogs

But for my human kids, the #1 reason I prefer wipes over gels is that they wipe hands, faces and surfaces clean! Gels often leave the dirt behind in my opinions. Since 80% of germs are spread by the hands, I want them wiped clean! I also don’t want them to dry out my skin or my kid’s skin so I love that they are made with  aloe and Vitamin E and not chemicals. 

MOM HACK: Wipes are my Go To in the Car, at Home and On the Kid so they can play

Here is another AWESOME reason to switch your every day wipes to Nice ‘n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes!: they are proven to remove 99% of peanut residue from hard surfaces! For those with peanut allergies this is amazing news. More effective than soap and water, they can also be used on tabletops in restaurants or in the school cafeteria to make your sure allergic child is as safe as possible. In fact, Nice ‘n CLEAN® Antibacterial Hand Wipes partnered with the Food Allergy Research Association (FARE) to support FARE’s mission of safety and inclusion for individuals with food allergies! This is music to the ears of moms who have to deal with allergies on a daily basis!

The 5 X 20ct. Family Value Pack was located in the First Aid area of my HEB store. When I shopped there was also a $2 off coupon in store hanging next to the product. So now is the time to stock up! Especially with cold & flu season coming!

MOM HACK: Wipes are my Go To in the Car, at Home and On the Kid and the backpack

The little packs are perfect for my purse, the kid’s backpacks, the car, my office and so much more. I love that I can have them anywhere and know that, when they are used, they have anti-bacterial properties that my busy family needs!

Are you still using wipes or gels that clean a little but not a lot? Check out Nice ‘n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes! today!