There is a new M&M on the block and I am going to get to meet her February 7th, 2012 in New York City!

I can’t say much.  Except that she is an M&M.  She is brown.  And she was unveiled on M&M’S Facebook Page today (1/30)!  And that her debut commercial will play during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5th!

 Yes, the day of big commercials has the biggest one of all – rumored to be in the 1st quarter but I can’t be sure – featuring the newest star in the M&M personality line.  Ms. Brown!

Now, if you do not know my love for M&M’S than you have never been to my house.  The house where my eggs are often kept warm in their tray with a bag – or three – of Milk Chocolate M&M’S [piled on top.  I have a weakness for the little, colorful buttons of chocolate flavor and often end my day with a handful.  And then another and then… well, you get the picture!

I am not particular.  If it has an M, I will love it.  Pretzel, Peanut, Peanut Butter and on and on…  ahhhh….

M&M’S have been shared with friends and are a staple in my grocery cart every week!  So when I found out I was headed to New York City on this great adventure, I headed to my local Walmart store to hunt down my favorite flavors!

I did not have to go far!  Right up front, bright and cheerful, sat every flavor, color and bag size of M&M candies available!  In celebration, I also purchased a new M&M’s shirt- to be unveiled at a later time!

So, for me, this is a great honor that I get to fly to New York City and meet Ms. Brown in person… M&M… her candy shell?  And I get to do it with four other fantastic bloggers, post my adventures to Facebook and to Twitter and I get to dress up all pretty!

I won’t wear brown though… I don’t want to upstage Ms. Brown during her big, super sized product launch in New York City!

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