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The Mental Game of Weight Loss has to be won

This is a harder post to write than I anticipated. It is the pinnacle of a realization that has hit like a ton of bricks. There are so secrets. There are no tricks. There are no magical answers when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. You have to do the work. For me, working out is easy. I fell in love with CrossFit a year and a half ago. While I have lost inches, as anyone who follows me on Facebook knows, I had yet to lose one single pound. In fact, it was not until I started Personal Trainer Food last month that I finally started to see the scale go down.

Aside from eating REAL food that comes in a simple plastic bag that makes preparation and decision making super easy, Personal Trainer Food has retaught me how to think. The mental game of weight loss is challenging. The mental game is what gets us in trouble.

Habits alone are hard to break. Mental habits are even harder. The way we think about our food and how we consume it is a habit. The downfall of everything else I have tried before, even hiring a personal nutritionist, was that I was so busy worrying about the food I never took the time to think about the mental addiction that came along with 40+ years of eating poorly.

Just to give you an example of what I am talking about, let’s talk about the day that I know my kids are going to their dad’s for the weekend.

I post this because I am not perfect. I post this because I see every flaw on my body that makes me cringe. I post this because I am proud of those flaws. They have driven me to be stronger, more confident and proud that I can do more than I ever thought possible. Working out is not about a hard body. It is about being stronger than your insecurities tell you you are. Power through… you can do it!!

Posted by A Day in Motherhood on Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friday’s are usually pretty busy with work, kids, school, carpool and on and on. The Friday’s that the kids go to their dad’s, I am a mix of emotions. I hate to see them go but I could really use the break to catch up on things. Occasionally I will have a rare glass of wine and splurge on a decadent dessert that I have been craving. Sure enough, that Friday came the first week I was doing Personal Trainer Food. I had done really well during the week, losing 2 solid pounds with my good behavior. I had failed at the 48 hour fast but had incorporated the 12 hours fast successfully. No food after 6. Period.

As my ex backed out of the driveway, though, I had a clear thought. ‘Time to open the bottle of wine and open the container of ice cream, top it with brownies and hot fudge, and settle in to eat too much.’ It was such a clean thought that when  I realized I could not do that to myself, not if I ever wanted to be healthier, I actually felt dejected and sad. It lasted all night. That loss of what I was used to.

The Mental Game of Weight Loss can be hard to deal with

Through the next few weeks I noticed it more. I would get the kids to bed and feel an elation as I realized that I could go grab the hidden candy and snack away in bed, watching TV. But when I realized that I could not, in fact, the depression of the reality set in.

The mental battle is tough. I still battle it a month later. But I have decided the battle is worth it. When I get that feeling I pet my dogs or have some almonds or pistachio nuts. I text a friend or do some sit ups. Anything to refocus and redirect my old habits. My battle against sugar continues as I have struggled long term with it. But I am trying and everyday is a new day to try again!

As far as Personal Trainer Food, I have to say, I have been more than impressed.  Unlike boxed food programs, this one is real food, no preservatives, no fillers. Just simple food like chicken, vegetables, eggs, sausage – their cheddar cheese omelet rivals mine in flavor, seriously – and nuts for snacks are all prepackaged in portion control baggies. You simply heat in the microwave and eat.

The Mental Game of Weight Loss can be a challenge

The ease of this program is second to the real food. I can make three meals easily and eat them without taking too much time out of my busy lifestyle. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to really do this right. This is the same food that my personal nutritionist had me eating except that I had to make it myself. That was my downfall there. I simply do not have time to cook three meals a day for myself. Personal Trainer Food resolves that issue for me which is why I think is has been successful for me!

In the month I have been on it, even with days that I have not done well, I have lost 6 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. If that is not motivation to keep going, I don’t know what else is.

Give it a try. With the discount code this program is cheaper that what I would spend on food for myself during the month!

How are you fighting the mental battle of weight loss? I would love to hear your ideas!