**I received a product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.**

2/2/15 UPDATE: Please continue to tweet to the hashtag #MasterLockProtects your answer to the question, “When in your life has safety and security been most top of mind?”. The donation period has ended but more great stuff is coming all year long!

As a single mom, I worry about safety and protecting my girls. It is why I have a security system and camera’s and why I have multiple locks on all of my doors and windows. I have dogs and I have neighbors that are always on the look out. Though I don’t want to live in total fear, the things I can do to provide a safe home seem my responsibility. MasterLock wants you to feel secure in your home as well and offers a variety of products to help you do just that.

MasterLock Makes Your Life Safer All Year Long

Master Lock is kicking off an initiative to keep consumers safe through all life stages and seasons, and I thought your readers would be interested in participating. Starting January 19 through January 31, anyone who tweets a response to the question, “When in your life has safety and security been most top of mind?” with the hashtag #MasterLockProtects will generate a $1 donation to the American Red Cross and be eligible for sweepstakes prizes.

Though I have a lot of security, I still am able to lock myself out of the house quite often. So I was thrilled when MasterLock sent me their 5422D Master Lock Portable Key Safe. It provides a secure place to store your keys so you’ll never get locked out, and can also grant access to your home to trusted neighbors, dog walkers, etc.

I absolutely love it! I can attach it to my gate where it acts as a super secure lock and also hide a key in case someone needs it. They have to have my code so I don’t feel like just anyone can walk up and let themselves in!

MasterLock Makes Your Life Safer All Year Long

Check out the other products MasterLock carries and get everything from the kid’s lockers at school to your back gate secure! It only takes a moment to click the lock shut!

Get to tweeting and I will see you at #MasterLockProtects