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In this house, bills are managed like children. They are stacked up, noted with a due date and a prayer is said that I have enough on that day to make sure I can take care of them. OK, so I don’t stack my children up and date them…  often… but I do pray on a daily basis that I have enough for them. Luckily, with MasterCard and the Bill Pay Service, I, at least, don’t have to worry about paying my bills on time along with everything else on my plate! Oh, and it does not hurt that when I use the service, I am automatically entered to WIN $60,000. Keep reading!

MasterCard Bill Pay Makes My Life Easier adn $60,000 Sweeps @MasterCard #MC #BillPay

Currently I use the Bill Pay Service from my bank. I like it and it is easy to use. But I have noticed that bills I pay through there seem to take longer – a lot longer – than they should to be delivered to the payee. So, for a while now, I have been toying with the idea of moving to a new service that I can rely on to actually deliver on time.

Seriously, I sent a payment to my water company on the 10th of the month last month. It was due on the 16th. They called me on the 17th telling me it was not there. The finally got it on the 21st! From a major bank! The same thing happened with a payment to my credit union only it took THREE WEEKS to get it there! I was stunned!

MasterCard Bill Pay Makes My Life Easier adn $60,000 Sweeps @MasterCard #MC #BillPay

At no time should it ever take three weeks to get anything anywhere anymore. Don’t you think?

So I am very interested in checking out MasterCard and their Bill Pay to see if I can streamline the process and make sure that money actually gets where it is going by the time it needs to get there. ‘Cause mama ain’t payin’ no more late fees for bank slowness!

See my entire experience and what I would spend the $60,000 I could win in the MasterCard Bill Pay Sweeps (keep reading!) below in my Google + story:

Signing up was super easy. I just set up an account and then used my bills to search the Merchant Directory. I found my cable company and my car loan people as well as my Electric Company. I clicked on the “create’ link and there, I can set a reminder for payment and click through to the home site to pay my bills.

MasterCard Bill Pay Makes My Life Easier adn $60,000 Sweeps @MasterCard #MC #BillPay

Every time I use my MasterCard to pay my bills, I am automatically entered in their MasterCard Bill Pay Sweepstakes where I could WIN $60,000!! The contest ends October 31, 2013.

Now, I know… it’s a lot of money. A LOT of money! I would pay off my car, get my debt in order, put a roof on my house, put new windows in, put some away for my kids college. Oh, the dreams are simple for a single mom! OK, maybe I would throw in a trip on a Disney Cruise again!

What would you do with $60,000? Besides give me 10%, of course. OK, OK…. 9.5%.

A girl can dream!

MasterCard Bill Pay Makes My Life Easier adn $60,000 Sweeps @MasterCard #MC #BillPay

Back to the Bill Pay features though. I really like that I can have all of my merchants in one place and that when I go online to pay my bills, it goes directly through the merchant. No more waiting for a third party to send a wire or check or ACH. It is paid, no questions asked, no more mistaken late fees!

How do you currently pay your bills? Check out MasterCard’s Bill Pay system and let me know what you think!