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Making the Best of the Little Sleep You Get

I got 3.25 hours of sleep last night. 3.25 hours. If you pay attention to any study, any advice or any doctor, you know that 3.25 hours is way below the recommended hours of sleep for a human being. A 3.25 hour nap under the summer ceiling fan curled up with a cuddling puppy may be really luxurious. But staring at the ceiling for 4 and a half hours begging your mind to shut off long enough for your eyes to close and then being actually successful for less time than that is just rude. Especially when you have a busy household, work to complete, children to give stern looks to and a house that is in constant need of hurricane status prevention. Now, truth be told, I am sick right now and can’t use my go-to relax and sleep methods that usually help me. I can’t hit the Crossfit box. I can’t walk the dogs, and I can’t take a product I found ONLY on the shelves of Walmart that actually DO HELP me in making the best of the little sleep I do get. But I will say, that when I found N E W ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s De-Stress and Sleep Gummies* AND ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s Melatonin Liquid, my sleep patterns changed for the better and I miss them. Like… a lot. I am really looking forward to getting back to these tips for making the best of the little sleep you get. *check out more about ZzzQuil products at this link too.

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As a mom of three young girls, a single one at that, sleep has eluded me for years. Probably since the stick turned blue. Lack of sleep when you have children is different than lack of sleep when you are up with friends in your 20’s. It is hard to get up when they are infants, to wake at every noise as they grow and to constantly be worried about them staying up too late as tweens. But one thing that really helped me get back on a solid, easy to fall asleep and stay asleep schedule was adding exercise into my day.

About 4 years ago I added Crossfit in, which y’all are all probably nauseatingly aware of if you follow me on social at all. But just adding in that one hour of exercise changed the way my body reacted to balance. It wears me out, helps with blood flow, enhances focus and helps me tire to sleep. My body stays asleep because the endorphins released during Crossfit really helped.

No – I am not the fittest. I am not the strongest. I am not the most beautiful. But I am a hard worker and I try. Every time!! So take that 19.3!!! #CrossfitGames #CrossfitOpen CrossFit Igneous

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On regular days with regular workouts, my sleep became regular and rejuvenating. However, I know this does not work for everyone. And, on high stress days – which seems to be every day these days – it does not, alone, do the trick.

#2 Tip:  ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s De-Stress and Sleep Gummies – It Works

Since about May 1, my exercise routine failed to give me the rest I so needed. Between work, school activities, my youngest daughter’s trip to DI Globals, school ending, staff turnovers, office expansion… OK, I will stop there. We all have those days/ weeks/ months so you guys get it… I just lost the ability to calm my brain, to de-stress and to relax into sleep.

That is where my trip to Walmart came in. I needed help or I was going to end up even sicker than I am now. (Thanks muggy hotel room for pushing me over the edge…).

I had heard of ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s De-Stress and Sleep Gummies and ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s Melatonin Liquid from ads and commercials and I have always trusted the product line. So, in the attempt of making the best of the little sleep I get, I picked them up to start using them. The gummies help to calm my mind and body before bed. I found that they did seem to help calm my mind and helped lead to a more restful sleep. With Melatonin + Ashwagandha and a delicious Blackberry Vanilla flavor, they taste great and are easy to take. I just have them on my bedside table. They are not going to put you to sleep, they are going to help you fall asleep more naturally.

I also have the ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s Melatonin Liquid and pull it out when I need it as well. The most important things to me about this is that it is non-habit forming!! It has a unique botanical blend of chamomile, lavender, valerian root and lemon balm in addition to melatonin. It does not have lactose, alcohol, artificial flavors and corn syrup, which is also really important to me.

I am not a huge ‘take a lot of things to better your condition’ kind of girl. But, having had great sleep patterns on lower stress days, I know first hand the benefits of making the best of the little sleep you do get. I am more alert, don’t have that mid-days slump and am a much better parent and worker when I get enough sleep. So these products help me stay on track when I need them. I appreciate that they are an option that won’t create habitual issues.

Read the labels and ALWAYS use as directed! Check out more about these products here too!

Tip #3: Go Dark Baby. But in Style.

If you had asked me 2 years ago if I would ever be able to sleep with a sleep mask on, I would have scoffed in your face at the suggestion. But with my phone lighting up through the night, my kids turning on really bright lights really early and the moonlight filtering in through my window that I always forget to close the blinds on, sleep was elusive.

So, I have started collecting sleep masks from Walmart. If you are going to use them, though, to go dark at night, to blank out all of the light coming in, do it in style!

I have a zebra print that I love and a massaging gel one I use to calm my tired eyes too. (Kylie loves this one too!) I don’t look silly. I look stylish. You just have to.

Having a completely dark room – because of the masks – really, really helps me stay asleep longer! You will thank me, after you get used to them, I promise!

Sleep matters. As I age – sooo close to 50 y’all!!! – I realize just how important it really is. It rights my day, keeps my body working the way it should and helps me be more centered and focused all day long. When I don’t get it, it shows!

So, tell me your sleep tips. Do they include  ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s De-Stress and Sleep Gummies? Exercise? A sleep mask? I would love to hear!

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