Ask any woman what one of their top pet peeves is about the state of their man’s style and most will say, What style?  Holey undershirts, boxers that saw better days 10 years ago, underwear that is most unflattering… all comments women have made on how her man chooses to dress.


Even women who purchase their man’s underwear will tell you -and I know from personal experience – that the choices for a man to dress impressively from the inside out are very, very limited.

Until now!

I can hardly contain my excitement as I tell you about the NEW MaLo Underwear line that is currently on shelves at Target!  And not just because the hunky Mario Lopez is the face behind the trunks.  But because FINALLY, there are stylish options available that do not require that we step foot into an unsavory store… if you know what I mean!

To check them out for myself I headed to my local Target.  As I saw the Back to School signs and noticed the new clothing being stocked on shelves I though that moms purchasing underwear for their sons might enjoy MaLo for their kids too!  And the sons will probably like the bold prints – like camouflage and bright purple – that they might actually take care of them.

I’ll pause for laughter.

I don’t have sons, but I know from friends that I have to pause for laughter.

Grinning a little to myself thinking of stories that moms of teenage sons have told me about the struggles they have getting them to take care of clothing, I headed back to the menswear department.

It took no time at all for my eyes to zero in on the bold, creative, packaging of MaLo Underwear.  Unlike the clear packages and freely hanging boxers and underwear, MaLo offers Half Good, Two Thirds Bad packaging featuring Davis the statue on the packages.  You can not even see the colors and style until you flip the package over which is pretty cool to me.  I like a little mystery!

Check out my fun shop below:

The trunk packages of 2 are only $12.99 and come in a variety of colors and designs.  Even your standard black and white trunks have innovative designs like a skull with a halo on the hip!  Because half good boys can be two thirds bad, you know!  Red, purple, black and white, greens and blues are all creatively and boldly highlighted on these fun underwear.

I snagged that was left in the size I wanted – yes, great news travels fast and my store shelves were proof that women AND men are ready for a bold new change in men’s underwear fashions – and even paired the awesome trunks with two tanks.  Your man does not have to wear just white anymore!

Heading out I again was impressed with how much this line differs from other men’s underwear choices on shelves.  Everything seems so bland and boring and unexciting now that MaLo underwear are here to shake things up!

At home I did a full on test of the underwear.  I pulled and poked and stretched the sturdy waistband, noted – in my very limited skills as a seamstress – the thick durable stitching at the seams and loved the soft feel of the fabric.  Comparing them to high quality, expensive, women’s products, I instantly knew that these were build to last.  Truly impressed, I thought that maybe I should get some from lazing around the house for me!

Your man deserves to be as stylish as you want them to be!  And your sons should be dressed in style from the inside out.  So help them jump ahead of the boring tidy whities and blue and green plaids that plague men’s underwear shelves everywhere, and show their personality, style and a little of their bad side with MaLo Underwear!

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MOMS: Back to School is right around the corner!  Stock up on MaLo Underwear at Target NOW!

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