As parents, one of the more fun things we can do is create magical memories around the normal parts of growing up. Losing teeth is one that I never really thought could be more than just exchanging a tooth for some money until I started talking to other parents about their tooth fairy traditions.

Ideas for a magical Tooth Fairy experience

There are so many fun traditions that families have created for their kids. When my nephew lost his first tooth in Hawaii, it was exchanged for a shark tooth and since then has left origami dollars under their pillows.

Nicole Reaves show how to Document a changing smile that I think is such a fun way to watch our kids grow. Then 4 Sons ‘R’ Us helped her kids create a Tooth Fairy Door to help our little friend get in.

Tooth Fairy Gifts

One way we can make a magical experience for the kids is to switch up how the tooth fairy leaves that coveted money. In our house, the max amount left is $1, but most often 50cents. These fun ideas will take that money and amp up the experience with tiny trinkets and glitter.

Tooth Fairy Receipts from Kristen Duke Photography

Tiny Letter from We Have Kids

Tooth Fairy Dust from A Jillian Vance Design

Glittery Diy Tooth Fairy Coins from Create.Play.Travel

Gold Coin Printables from Hello Wonderful

Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate from Mom Dot

magical tooth fairy experiences

Pouches for the Tooth

The worst part of making this magic happen is trying to find that little tooth under a pillow that has a sleeping head firmly on it. We’ve gotten creative since the time I was a kid. These fun containers make it easier to find the tooth and make the exchange.

Kinder Surprise Fairy Box from Red Ted Art

Recycled Toothpaste Tube Tooth Fairy Pouch from Wunder-Mom

Altoid Tooth Fairy Box from Raising Sweet Souls

Diy Tooth Fairy Pillows from Color the Moon

Lost Tooth Box from Little Red Window

Pajama Pouch with Tooth Fairy Pocket from A Day In Motherhood

It’s inevitable that we will forget to exchange our child’s tooth at some point in the middle of the night. Your kid will wonder why their tooth is still there and may question the validity of the fairy. When that happens, check out these 10 reasons the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come from Wunder-Mom.