About a month ago my oldest daughter lost her first tooth.  As I walked into the dark room late at night to assist the Tooth Fairy in rewarding my daughter for this milestone, I almost woke her up.  Imagine if I had and all of her dreams of childhood would have been shattered!

So, besides the totally cute functionality of the adorable Pajama Pouch, I LOVE that it has a Tooth Fairy Pocket!

Pajama Pouch

It is the little things, really, that make motherhood so charming!

But on a grander scale, we LOVE the Pajama Pouch here!  And by ‘we’ I mean my kids are actually using this and placing the pajamas in him every morning and getting them out in the evening!  So ‘we’ means ME!  And the days of forcing them to pick up their jammies and fold them up and put them in their drawers 15,000 times only to be ignored are fading fast!

So what is the Pajama Pouch and why should every child’s room have one?  Pajama Pouch is a sweet little dog named Cooper that either hangs on the bed post or sits on the bed.  His purpose, besides being super cute and holding lost teeth and Tooth Fairy rewards, is to house my children’s pajama’s during the day. At night, they run to him, open him up and pull out their pajamas!  In the morning, they stuff them back in him, fluffing him up like a cute stuffed animal, and he props up on the bed, protecting their jammies in his soft cloth body!

Pajama Pouch

It really is the cutest little thing I have seen. And really, a super fun idea for kids ans parents alike!

As a bonus, every few days I tell the girls to bring me Cooper.  I wash the jammies inside and put them back all clean and fresh for that night!  SUCH a neat product for busy families!

Check out Pajama Pouch online and pick one up for your child or children! Our Cooper holds all three kids jammies so you can do that too!

Pajama Pouch

And because Cooper is so awesome, Pajama Pouch is generously giving (2) two of my readers one in a fun giveaway!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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