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Save on Lotions at Walgreens for your skin this Fall!

Right now is the perfect time to stock up at Walgreens – Save $1.50 on any ONE (1) Vaseline, St. Ives, or Dove lotion (6.5oz to 21oz). Excludes trial and travel sizes. Coupon available 8/29/16-10/29/16. Coupon expires 11/26/16.

Save on Lotion at Walgreens!

My skin takes a serious beating in the winter time. It is one of the reasons I prefer hot weather over cold. My upper arms, especially, get very dry and rough and it just bothers me. So before things get out of hand I like to stock up on lotions I trust that I know will work to keep all of my skin moisturized and comfortable all winter long. While searching my Walgreens app the other day, I noticed a great deal to help me stock up for less! Right now you can save $1.50 off any Vaseline, St. Ives or Dove Lotion! That is a pretty good deal considering I use lotion every day! During the winter months I use it several times a day! So having enough on hand is essential!

Save $1.50 on select Lotion at Walgreens

For decades now I have purchased Vaseline lotion. It sits next to my bed, just like it did at my grandmother’s house, and I use it on my hands before I go to sleep. I love the aroma, the silky feel and the nostalgia that comes with using it. I love the Vaseline® Cocoa Radiant Lotion because it is fast acting, non-greasy, and includes healing micro-droplets of Vaseline® Jelly to leave your skin stronger and more resilient. It is clinically proven to heal dry skin in 5 days* (*Based on twice daily application). It keeps my hands soft all year round but especially during the harsh and dry winter months.

Lotion at Walgreens for all of your dry skin!

Dove Extra Strength Lotion is another lotion I like to have in my house. I find that it works really well on my legs when they get dry and get that ‘ashy’ look to them. You know, when you scratch and get those white marks that look flaky? It has an advanced formula for extra-dry skin, dramatically improves skin tone and texture and combines rich, hydrating and skin-nourishing oil. I like the fast absorbing formula and keep it outside of my shower to put on immediately. 

Save on Lotion at Walgreens

I have recently started keeping St. Ives® Collagen Elastin Lotion in the house too. For my really dry skin on my upper arms that people will see the most, especially at Crossfit in gym clothes, I like that it improves the health & appearance of skin, moisturizes dry skin all day long and is gentle for sensitive skin. It is clinically proven to improve the healthy appearance of skin and that is important to me.

Heal dry skin with Lotion at Walgreens

All three lotion products have their benefits and all three have a place in my home. When I notice the air starting to change and the humidity dropping it is imperative that I have trustworthy products available.

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Dove Lotion:

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St. Ives® Lotion:

  • 8/28-10/1: Buy 2, Get 1,000 Points
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Get great deals on Lotion at Walgreens

Dove Lotion

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