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A few weeks ago I told you about how I am enhancing my families oral care with LISTERINE. I have had the new flavors and new products in the home for about a month now and the routine is pretty standard. For me, I floss with LISTERINE ULTRACLEAN Floss, brush, rinse with LISTERINE HealthyWhite and smile with more confidence all day long. If I eat during the day and I am not home, I use LISTERINE PocketPaks to easily freshen my breath.

Routine and Products like LISTERINE Help Create Good Oral Habits #sponsored #MC

I have loved the routine for the simple fact that my whole mouth feels better. An avid coffee and tea drinker, I worry about the damage I am doing to the color of my teeth. So having a routine that can help me take better care of not only my white smile, but the little crevices that germs hide in is important to me.

I like being a Healthy Habit Hero for my kids too. They watch me and my routine every morning and every evening and they want to emulate it! It is so easy to get them to use the products too. LISTERINE SmartRinse is fun and colorful for the kids. Mine have the Barbie bottle that is pink. But there are other characters for boys or girls and, as we moms know, fun colors and flavors make oral care easier!

Routine and Products like LISTERINE Help Create Good Oral Habits #sponsored #MC

In fact, one of the best things I ever did for my kids was to do my oral care routine with them. I moved my stuff into their restroom and when it came time to brush teeth, I had them mimic everything I did. They are still learning how to floss correctly and I still love to use the LISTERINE Ultraclean Access® Flosser to help them learn how to do it properly. With three kids, the tool just makes life easier for little mouths!

With the emulation, fun flavors and innovative products that help me and my kids take better care of our oral health, we all have healthier habits, mouths and smiles! That is a win for me as a mom for sure!

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