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**Extended to 12/31/2013**

In this season of giving it is important that we still take care of our surroundings. With every present we wrap and every card we mail, we need to replenish the Earth that we took it from!

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 New Leaf Energy #PlantingwithPablo

I, for one, am trying to show my kids that conserving for the good of the Earth is easy and can even be fun! We don’t have recycling in our neighborhood but we save it up and take it into town when we can to the recycling center. Additionally, we do other things to help conserve:

–  I teach them to turn off the lights when they leave a room. It conserves electricity and my electric bill!

– I teach them to turn off the water when they are brushing their teeth. Water is imperative for our Earth. So saving just that gallon or two during a teeth brushing really adds up!

 – We try to ride bikes when we go to the pool in the summer or want to go around the neighborhood. Saving gas is good for everyone. The environment, our exercise routine and the pocketbook!

New Leaf Energy #PlantingwithPablo

 – We donate our old stuff. Instead of throwing toys, clothing and shoes into the garbage to go sit in a landfill for decades, we donate them to a local shelter. Usually the Pregnancy Center in our town. Donating means they will be reused and maybe not end up in the trash!

There are so many awesome things we can do for tomorrow. Plant a tree, a garden and even make sure we get that quality time together out in nature having a picnic instead of in a restaurant creating more trash.

New Leaf Energy believes that we should all make a positive impact to the environment and that you don’t have to completely change your life in order to do so. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing 100% renewable energy to Texans, along with a wealth of helpful and practical green living tips.

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