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Not a day goes by that my kids don’t want to play a game on my very expensive electronics. From my iPhone that is mainly for work to my Samsung tablets that I simply can not afford to replace if they drop them, the requests come from three girls all day, every day. Especially now that it is so hot in Texas that outside time is limited. So I love that there are affordable, fun, educational electronics for kids to play with that won’;t make me cry if they damage them. Of course, tablets like the LeapPad3 are specifically created for kids so they can take quite a bit more of a beating than a regular tablet can!

LeapPad3 by LeapFrog - Mom & Kid Approved #LeapPad3 #LeapFrog

We were so excited the day our LeapPad3 arrived! Having the original LeapPad that still works and the kids still play with made this newest addition just that much more welcome. LeapPad3™ is a fast, high-performance, fun-packed Wi-Fi tablet that allows kids to learn and play in a way that’s just right for them. 

Taking it out of the box and getting it set up was incredibly easy. I just hooked it up to my Wi-Fi network and followed the prompts to get it up and running. With apps that promote everything from math to spelling to just plain fun, each of my girls can play something that they love.

LeapPad3 by LeapFrog - Mom & Kid Approved #LeapPad3 #LeapFrog

Setting it up can now be done via Wi-Fi, which is really cool. Just pull it out and follow the prompts to connect it you your Wi-Fi in your home. Set your parent code so you can go in at any time and change things. I forgot to do this – or rather, my kids grabbed it and scanned through to get to the home screen – so I had to back out and get back in to set mine.

My 6 year old Sarah had first dibs and started by setting up her own profile. Each of my kids gets their own and each one allows me to customize the learning experience by name. So my 5 year old needs letters and sounds and reading help but my 8 year old needs mathematics skills and analytic help. Each app that I add can be added to that skill level. So whichever child picks it up just clicks her name and she is set.

LeapPad3 by LeapFrog - Mom & Kid Approved #LeapPad3 #LeapFrog

I also like that the LeapPad3 works with cartridges you can purchase on LeapFrog.com or with downloadable apps.

But my favorite thing is that, even though it is hooked up to Wi-Fi, the tablet only lets kids play on kid friendly sites to see videos and more. It is preset and they can only go to certain places. Therefore, I feel like it is a better option than handing them mine where they can go anywhere.

Listen to Sarah talk about what she loves about it!

Other things I like about the new LeapPad3 are:

– Better photo quality and more options to dress up the photos and make them unique

– More options for video and kids safe ‘surfing’ within the device (if you have turned on their surfing ability)

– Individual tracking and learning information on LeapFrog.com under the parent tab. In fact, you can search for apps that will help your child in an area they need help in right from the site.

– Peer to Peer – should my girls have a friend who has a LeapPad3 as well, they can connect and play with each other!

– An easy to use Home Bar. The kids can see photos, videos and more with ease.

– Kids can add photo enhancements to make them more personal. Masks, photo frames and more!

– Kids can earn rewards by playing games! They can earn rewards and use them to break through levels of games and more!

LeapPad3 by LeapFrog - Mom & Kid Approved #LeapPad3 #LeapFrog

I want to talk a little more about the web ability. IF you set your child up on Wi-Fi and allow them to ‘search the web’, LeapPad3 only allows photos, videos and more of information that is age appropriate. So if they click on the cat, they can see photos and videos of cats that are G-rated just as they see on the internet. But you don’t have to worry that they will stumble onto inappropriate content.

LeapPad3 by LeapFrog - Mom & Kid Approved #LeapPad3 #LeapFrog

I truly am impressed with the versatility, durability and continued improvements on educational and fun, kid safe devices from LeapFrog. My children have had them their whole childhood and all of them still work and still interest them. I think the LeapPad3 is the best tablet they have produced to date and think every child should have the opportunity to have their very own tablet!

LeapPad3 by LeapFrog - Mom & Kid Approved #LeapPad3 #LeapFrog

Learn more about all of the LeapFrog products at LeapFrog.com.

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