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Leaking While Working Out is Not an Option with Impressa

Twenty three months ago I stepped into my first CrossFit gym, known as a ‘box’, and gave it a shot. I was very overweight, very heavy and bloated feeling and walking into the box caused me to lose my breath. I could not do a sit up. Could not run a quarter of a mile and could not imagine that I ever would. But last night, when I least expected to be able to do it, I strung together kipping pull-ups for the very first time. For a girl who never thought she would go back to CrossFit after that first day, this is a major accomplishment. But I will be really, really, really honest with you right now. I would never hit a CrossFit box and even attempt some of the stuff I do because, when I strain myself in any way; ie: laughter, sneezing, coughing… I leak on myself. Thank goodness I was introduced to Poise ® Impressa ® Bladder Supports over a year ago or I would have been very apprehensive about even attempting to learn pull-ups just based on the fact that I would most-definitely, leak. When you are working as hard as I am, leaking while working out is just not an option.

23 months of Crossfit and thanks to CrossFit Igneous and Johnathan Cranford, I can FINALLY do and string together kipping pull-ups!!!!! I am soooo stoked!!!!

Posted by A Day in Motherhood on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

You can ask any woman at my box. I talk about Poise® Impressa® all the time. Almost as much as all of us talk about leaking while working out.  There comes a point in your life where leaking is reality. Whether you have had kids or just need the extra support, there is no shame in it and it should not interfere with the things you love to do.

Poise® Impressa® comfortably helps stops leaks before they happen. It is inserted just as your period products would be and stays put for up to 12 hours. I use it anytime I am hitting the box, heading out for a fun filled evening or going somewhere that I know I may need it. Like to the amusement parks with the kids or the water park.

Leaking While Working Out is Not an Option with Impressa at Walmart

Try the Poise® Impressa® Sizing Kit first to learn which size works best for you. They are at Walmart in the Feminine Products aisle along with the packs that you need. Once you know your size, you just buy that size in the same aisle as the sizing packs. I trust these so much that I wore them to my first individual competition a few weekends back where I places 6th out of 19 women in the scaled or modified division! I got to celebrate and be happy instead of running back and forth to the bathroom worrying about those small leaks.

Leaking While Working Out is Not an Option so you can shine

Now, you may ask, what is the difference between Poise® Impressa® and period products? Well, the truth is that Poise® Impressa® is specifically designed to help with light bladder leaks while period items are not. I used to wear pads but they would slip, shift and not absorb fast enough to actually work. Living pad free, especially during a grueling CrossFit workout is simply awesome!

Now, back to my workouts. Twenty three months later I am happy to stay that, despite my hesitation, excuses and worry that I would never be able to do it, I hit the CrossFit box 4-6 times a week. I can now do those sit ups I could not, can run more than 1/4 of a mile without stopping and can do those pull-ups that I swore I would never be able to handle.

Leaking While Working Out is Not an Option and get Poise Impressa at Walmart

I am so proud of me that I can hardly stand it. Just like I am proud of anyone who does not let the little things, like leaks, stop them from living their lives, no matter what they choose to do!

You can pick up the sizing kit and Poise ® Impressa ®  at Walmart and earn on Ibotta for them too!

Be sure to check out the offers and get back to living today!