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Laundry Hacks range from saving money on detergent to an aluminum ball!

Alright, so maybe laundry will never actually be a easy no matter how many hacks you have, but I certainly think we can make the job more efficient with some easy tricks! We all have enough to do with chores, homework, kid’s activities, finding time for ourselves and time to snuggle the pets. Shaving that valuable time off of the laundry chore would be a huge help to anyone. I, for one, with three kids and four dogs, do more laundry than I think I should have to. Some of it is my fault. I forget that I have clothing in the washer, can’t hear the alarm letting me know it is done with three kids running around or I simply forget. I can confess openly that I have to wash a load more than once. Sometimes 2 times. As for the dryer… well… let’s just say that the dryer is my iron so if I leave a load in, I may have to re-dry it a few times to get non-wrinkled clothing! Re-washing clothing seems pretty innocent enough but when you add up the extra cost for detergent and water and the extra time, it is really not ideal. Luckily, I can eliminate some of the cost worry with digital Family Dollar® Stores Smart Coupons and I can eliminate the time worry with some simple hacks. 

Smart Coupons at Family Dollar Make Laundry Hacks easier

Tame the Cost

Smart Coupons at Family Dollar make Laundry hacks affordable

Let’s just admit that the products we need to do laundry add up fast. When you are doing a load or two a day, like I am, what you spend on the supplies to get the cleanest, freshest clothing adds up! So anytime I see a great deal I try to take advantage. With NEW Family Dollar® Smart Coupons, I can go to a store I shop anyway, clip coupons for products like Tide Laundry Detergent Pods and Downy Liquid Fabric Softener and get instant savings right at the register! Just enter the same number your registered with and you have instant digital savings! Yep. No Rewards Card needed. No clipping needed! I just open Family Dollar® on your phone, register and clip the ones I want. When you check out, they automatically come off the final bill! Check out the deals that are available right now!

Laundry Hacks range from saving money on detergent to pepper!


  • Save $2.00 on ONE Swiffer Refill or Wet Jet solution (excludes trial/travel)
  • Save $0.50 on ONE Downy Liquid Fabric Softener/Enhancer 40 load (excludes Downy Libre Enjuague and trial/travel size
  • Save $0.50 on ONE Crest Toothpaste 3oz or more or Liquid Gel (excludes Kids and trial/travel size)
  • Save $2.00 on ONE Tide Pods or Gain Flings Laundry Detergent (excludes Tide Simply and Gain Flings/Tide Pods 5 ct and trial/travel size).

Save on detergent and make one laundry hack easier


You can see the signs for the coupons in store as well as you walk through! Plus, you can receive emails with more savings on brands they want. The technology is easy to use and average savings per basket can be $10 or more! Anything that helps me save on the massive amount of loads of laundry I do is a laundry hack I will happily pass on to you!

Just register for Smart Coupons at Family Dollar and get laundry hacks cheaper

A Basket Per Family Member

Give each kid a designated basket, a great laundry hack

I am the first one to admit that putting clothing away is not my favorite thing ever. As the girls have gotten older, they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves. But when I would fold and then stack them on their dressers for them to do it, I would fine clean clothing on the floor or balled up in drawers. So I got a laundry basket for each one and it is their job to empty it and put it away every night. They don’t always do it but at least the clothes stay nicely folded in the basket until they do!

Pepper Your Colors

Who knew? Adding pepper to a load of colors can help them not bleed. It's a laundry hack!

I am sure you think I have fallen off my rocker but this works. Even with the great detergents out there, I still have colors bleed sometimes, especially if they are new clothes. So I looked online and saw that if you put a tablespoon of pepper in with your colored clothing, it will help keep them from bleeding! Who knew?

Chalked on Grease

Have a grease stain? Using chalk before you wash is another laundry hack!

I use Tide Laundry Pods and have for a while. They seem to get everything out. However, as my girls age, I can see lipstick stains and other greasy makeup staining their clothes. A friend told me that if you use chalk to color on the grease stain, it will help to lift it off! So I am keeping that one in my back pocket!

What Static Cling?

An aluminum ball can help stop static cling is another laundry hack

I raise my hand and admit that I have re-done a dryer load if I have a lot of static cling. I can’t stand that feeling of peeling clothing off of each other. Add to that the imminent shock I get when I touch metal and I am all about avoiding it! I found out that if you call up aluminum foil and toss it in your dryer, it combats it! Now that is a hack I can really use!

Want an extra tip to help out?

Shopping for savings to help with the cost is laundry is another laundry hack!

Since I am so bad about hearing the alarm on the washer and dryer, I now set my alarm on my phone for the same time as the timer on the machine. When it goes off, I head to the laundry room and change the machine or pull the dry clothes out of the dryer. This has really cut down on washing the same load multiple times!

Register now for Smart Coupons at Family Dollar® and start with the most important hack listed: Saving money! Then try these other little tricks to make laundry more efficient and to get it done faster!

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