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Colds suck. Let’s just get it out there. The flu sucks more. Much more. But being unprepared for the ‘achoo effect’ that promises to attack at the least opportune time is both embarrassing and frustrating. Having a child who is sick and not having a Kleenex available is just down right bad. Luckily, Kleenex is smarter than I am and they have an awesome website that will help you see when the Cold & Flu will hit your area plus awesome tips to help you prepare!!

Go to the achoo by Kleenex® site now.

To help you prepare for cold and flu season and avoid scrambling when you or your family get sick, Kleenex brand is launching the achoo by Kleenex cold and flu predictor – the first and only tool that can actually predict when cold and flu will reach your area.


How would you like to know when the Cold & Flu season is about to hit your area? I checked my area and I have about 3 weeks before the sneeze, cough and aches hit. Check out my map below:


Not only can you help predict when the season might hit causing missed work and school and a total disruption to your daily schedule, but you can also get awesome tips on how to get over it faster, coupons and more!

This site is Awesome! Bookmark it and make sure you check it for all kinds of awesome information!

Kleenex® wanted to see how prepared we are for Cold & Flu season and sent Ali Wentworth’s to visit Chicago to see how we handle it. This is pretty funny stuff y’all!

My embarrassing moment surrounds my daughter when she was 2 and my inability to keep Kleenex® in my diaper bag. Picture it: Houston, 2008. Baby in mommy’s belly, three year old running around, two year old on lap. It happened all at once. She reeled back and gave the largest sneeze ever and out came stuff I did not know the human body produced. I had nothing to wipe her nose with. And while I searched, it just hung there, for all of the other mommy’s in the room to see.

I finally grabbed a wipe from the bag and got her cleaned up but I was so embarrassed! From that day on, Kleenex® was in my diaper bag! To this day I carry it in the car, my purse and have it anywhere I need it!

With 96% of school nurses agree that when a child comes to school sick, other children tend to catch his or her virus, I am sure I will have one or two… or three kids home sick this year. So I am reading all of the great tips on to prepared!


Like did you know that not all liquids hydrate equally? You should stick to water, herbal tea and fruit juice when you’re sick. And, instead of putting a wet towel on your forehead, you should put it on your shoulders. And here is one that surprised me: Avoid using humidifiers when you’re sick – they can actually spread the flu germs.

You can find additional tips and advice to prepare your homes for what’s ahead, and useful information to help you avoid the last minute trips to the store so that you can care for their family when someone gets sick. Just check

How are you gearing up for cold & flu season? And when does the achoo by Kleenex® say it is coming your way?

Cold and flu season has always been unpredictable. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), although epidemics of cold and flu happen every year, the timing, severity, and length of the season varies from one year to another. That means that the cold and flu can hit your family without warning, and if you aren’t prepared with cold and flu essentials like Kleenex Everyday Tissue, you might be left scrambling and playing catch up after sickness has entered your home.

To learn more about the achoo by Kleenex cold and flu predictor and Kleenex brand’s new thicker and more absorbent everyday tissue, visit