Yes, I know my daughters are too young for make up. And, truth be told, I worry a lot about the ‘play make up” outt here and what it can do to her skin. But when I heard about Klee Girls Mineral Make Up specially designed for young girls, ages 8 – 14, and their delicate skin, I had to see if my daughter would love it!

Klee Girls Mineral Make Up for Young Girls

Now, on the site that I linked you can get Luna Star Natuaral make up that I talked about in another post, but to get the Klee Girls line right now, you have to call 888-992-4332. The product will be available on Amazon but it is not there just yet!

The first thing I noticed about this make up is how light it is. The powders are easily applied which means the kids use less. The kit includes a powder, eye shadows, brushes, and two lipsticks as well as a glitter powder. Katie immediately opened it and started putting it on. It is super easy to apply – and easy to get off! – and she feels like such a big girl when she applies it!  Check out her tutorial below for little girls:

One thing I love about this make up is that it feels so ‘big girl’ that Katie wants to take care of it. She is so careful to put the lids back on and put the make up back in it’s bag. We have had it over a month and can still find all of the make up and brushes. For those of you with little girls, you understand how amazing this is!

In addition, this is a great way to raise her understanding that less is more when it comes to make up. Because even as a little girl with play make up, they need to know that the crazy make up some teens wear is just too much.

Klee Girls Make Up

Because this make up is specially formulated for young girls, I am OK with her using it in the house. I am still not keen on her wearing it out but she is loving ‘feeling beautiful’ when she does wear it.

Watch Amazon and call the number now to get this awesome make up set for your little budding beauty!

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