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I am a very lucky mom because all three of my kids love to read. They really do. I even have a children’s library in my house that they can be found in, on any given day, all three on their tummy’s, reading their favorite books. It is one of the things I wanted so badly when I had kids. To make sure that they understood that within the pages of a book, a best friend can be found, a problem can be solved, and a world you may not know, will exist. My only frustration with their healthy love for reading is that I can’t immediately produce a book they want instantly. We have to go to the bookstore or order it on Amazon and wait. Now, though, with the Amazon and their Kindle FreeTime Unlimited program, and the Kindle e-Reader, I can let my kids instantly access whatever book they want without worrying about them stumbling onto something I don’t want them to see!

Get Unlimited FreeTime Books on Kindle Just in time for National Reading Month #KindleforKids #CleverGirls

March is National Reading Month! Help your kids learn to love to read with the Kindle e-Reader and feel safer with them using it with Kindle FreeTime Unlimited!

I have never had a Kindle so this was a totally new experience for me. After having it a few weeks, however, I see why it is an amazing tool to have in my home for, not only the kids, but for me as well. The Kindle e-Reader is lightweight, easy to read, super easy to use and, with the Kindle FreeTime Unlimited and parental controls set, safe for kids to use to find their favorite books, games or puzzles. They won’t stumble upon anything you don’t want them to without you putting in your password and seeing it first.

Get Unlimited FreeTime Books on Kindle Just in time for National Reading Month #KindleforKids #CleverGirls

The Kindle e-Reader itself is pretty cool. The screen is a black and grey, almost like a newspaper, and does not have the shiny glare of a tablet or laptop. It has one button on the case to turn it on and off. All of the controls are on the touchscreen; Home, User, and so on. The battery seems to last forever! I have only charged it once and someone always wants to be on it at night!

When I pulled it out of the box, I followed the screen prompts to set up the awesome Kindle FreeTime Unlimited account. Free for a 30 day trial, it is only $2.99 a month after that and allows you to let your kids roam freely without stumbling on things that are not appropriate for their age! The FreeTime Unlimited gives the kids access to your books and access to hundreds of hand-picked books that are appropriate for that child’s age! So my 5 year old got a huge selection of early readers! My 7 and 8 year old got access to books like Harry Potter, Big Nate and more! I even found a great book on Uranus which has helped my daughter prepare and succeed at her 3rd grade planet project!

Get Unlimited FreeTime Books on Kindle Just in time for National Reading Month #KindleforKids #CleverGirls

In addition, the Kindle e-Reader has a built in dictionary where kids can press a word and the definition will automatically come up! It has a Vocabulary Builder which stores the words they look up and then let’s them go back, flash card style, and quiz themselves! They can even read e-Books from their local library on the Kindle e-Reader with ease!

Other advantages I have seen from having the Kindle e-Reader in my home, and trusting the Unlimited FreeTime plan, is that my kids are finding what they want and reading even more than before, able to take their books on the go without having to lug around a heavy bag and that they are learning more than before! I have one e-Readers but I am seriously contemplating ordering two more so each child has one!

Get Unlimited FreeTime Books on Kindle Just in time for National Reading Month #KindleforKids #CleverGirls

Whether your child is an avid reader like mine are, a beginning reader or someone who needs a little extra help, the Kindle e-Reader will give them a tool that enhances their want to read! With a progress tracker built in and rewards they can get as they read more, the e-Reader offers extra incentives as well.

Get an e-Reader today on Amazon and then sign up for your FREE TRIAL of Kindle FreeTime Unlimited and watch your child’s reading world expand!

Get Unlimited FreeTime Books on Kindle Just in time for National Reading Month #KindleforKids #CleverGirls

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is another great resource that encourages reading for kids – an all in one subscription starting at $2.99 per month, FreeTime Unlimited offers unlimited access to hundreds of hand-picked chapter books and early readers, all curated for age-appropriateness, so parents don’t have to spend time and money guessing what their kids will enjoy.


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