I can not believe it is here.  That time in our lives where we go from parents of babies and preschoolers to parents of a Kindergartener!  I remember when I started staying home with Katie, 4 years ago, that this time seems so very far away.

Well two more daughters later, and it is here!

That time to pack the backpack, find food she’ll eat for lunch every day, and iron her clothes.  It is time to get on a schedule, learn the best way to wake her up in the morning and help her learn what homework will be like.

And it is so weird!

This is a monumental moment in our families lives.  The mark of a long journey that is barely just beginning.  A journey that will bring new people, new talents and new issues into our day to day lives. It changes my job from mom to three little girls to responsible mother with a schedule and a requirement to teach her how to love learning.

I want to record every single moment in some way!  From back to school clothes shopping to buying her school supplies to having her her first day of kindergarten breakfast!  The memory on my phone is almost full, mainly from shots I have taken of my little baby becoming a little girl!

I can not wait to make a “Kindergarten” photo book or some other memento that she can have for the rest of her life to remember kindergarten by.  I know that she will want this time in her life marked.

Watching her grow up has been a wonderful, joyous gift in my life.  Knowing she is growing up has been hard and sad and scary.  Because her big moments are tied to mine now.  And things that happen to her bring a new learning curve for me.

Kindergarten is huge, in my book.  For all of us.  We have so much to learn, so much to adapt to, so many fears to let go of.

But we also have so much to look forward to, so much to celebrate, and so much laughter to share!  And we look forward to every single bit!

This is just our first year, after all.

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