**I am a mom ambassador for Denny’s Diners. All opinions are my own.** #DennysDiners ad

Denny's has a menu for everyone, from the dieting to the kids to 55+! #DennysDiners ad

I had steak at Denny’s and I liked it. Like, loved it. What did I love most? That the steak – the FitFare® Sirloin Steak with steamed Squash and Wild Rice is only 520 calories – is a bonus for my clean eating self as I continue my quest to get in shape and make better decisions for myself! But while you are impressed with this dish, don’t think this is it. The FitFare® Menu covers breakfast lunch and dinner and includes choices that will help you eat better even while you are eating out! Add to that the Kid’s Eat Free program at Denny’s and you have a family restaurant where all ages can find the foods they love with the quality they deserve!

Denny’s FitFare® Menu

The Sirloin Steak from the FitFare menu is less than 520 calories with squash and rice! #DennysDiners #ad

Denny’s is more than great pancakes and burgers. Their massive and diverse menu feeds everyone in your family. From the 55+ menu to the kid’s menu to the FitFare® menu, there is something for every diet, person and taste. It is one of the reasons I love Denny’s as our go-to family restaurant.

As a woman who is trying her best to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle, making good decisions, even when out to eat, is important. I knew about the FitFare® Menu at Denny’s as I generally order their Alaskan Salmon, but I did not know how expansive it was. Imagine my thrill when I saw that I could enjoy a delicious Sirloin Steak at Denny’s! I have to say… I make a lot of steak at home and feel like I have pretty high standards. Denny’s both surprised and impressed me with their steak! It was juicy, seasoned very well and tender. Paired with steamed squash and wild rice, it was a great meal that filled me up without making me feel like I overdid it!

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner has FotFare options. #DennysDiners #ad

Check out all of the options on the FitFare® menu, like the Loaded Veggie Omelet and the Cranberry Apple Chicken Salad. You will find something that is delicious that you can feel good about eating!

Kid’s Eat FREE Days

As a single mom with three kids, saving money when I want to dine out is imperative for me. Since I already know that I can eat well and stay on my food plan at Denny’s, I love that my kid’s can have a fun meal too. My Denny’s in my area offers a kid’s meal free for every adult meal on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s! You can check your Denny’s Free meals program at your local Denny’s. All of them should offer the program Tuesday’s from 4-10pm, though.

Kids eat free on Tuesday's at Denny's but check for more days at your local restaurant! #DennysDiners #ad

Kids can choose from fun meals like Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Pizza,  Mac and Cheese and so much more. My girls never have an , ‘I don’t like anything, Mooommmm!’ moment at Denny’s. In fact, it is one of the few places I can mention that they all can agree on!

The atmosphere is great for kids, there are at table activities with their coloring books and activities and fun foods for them to eat! As I eat my steak or salmon or salad, they can enjoy their pancakes with smiles!

Gather your family and head out to Denny’s for your family meal! Eat well and stay on your plan while the kids enjoy the fun of the foods they like too!