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The Meaning of Life is More than a CD Title for Kelly Clarkson

I am sitting in a restaurant typing on my new laptop, headphones in and listening to one of my all time favorite artists, Kelly Clarkson. I have a myriad of thoughts running through my mind. My kids are with their dad so I am wondering how they are, how their day is and if they miss me. I miss them and my eyes constantly wander over to the little girls at the table next to me, bringing back memories of my girls when they are little. Through my thoughts I listen to Kelly sing her track, Meaning of Life and I wonder, did she write this for me? Is she in my head too… scripting the questions and pondering the answers? Her new album certainly feels like it was written for me. It also makes me wonder: Is the Meaning of Life more than a CD title?

The Meaning of Life is More than a CD Title for Kelly Clarkson for me?

In her soulful, grainy, distinctive voice, she begs the question with a desire to make love work. In my case, the love that I have for my children resonates with the title song. For others, it will be a companion, a lost love, a lifelong love, even.

‘When you kiss me I know who I am.’


I don’t have a partner in life by choice. But I have three beautiful daughters whom I love more than the air I breathe. When I kiss their little cheeks or they wrap their little arms around me, my Meaning of Life is clear. When I hear their seemingly endless stories fed by their imagination, I feel like I am where I am supposed to be. With them.

‘When I’m lost I just look in your eyes you show me the meaning of life’

The Meaning of Life is More than a CD Title for Kelly Clarkson for my Katie

As a mom, a single one at that, and one that has actively chosen to go at this alone, I don’t have the luxury of passing off the stress of the day to someone else. I get lost. Between school, the bills, work, family obligations and everything else, I just get overwhelmed. But when I look into my children’s eyes, I suddenly find strength and stability that is life affirming. To me, that is the Meaning of Life. As Clarkson elegantly explains, ‘You show me love, You lift me up…’ and that is what it is all about.

I love this entire album. Just as all of her albums have done for me, they reach the depths of my soul and become understandable almost instantly. I know pain and hurt and so does she. I know recovery and elation and so does she. She does not sugar coat or remove the deepest of emotions from her songs because she understand and knows that she is not alone.

Just as her song, Would You Call that Love, I often wonder about the past loves I have had. I can relate is so many ways to the curiosity of how they are doing. Do they think of me?

‘When you weigh the loss to all you’ve gained, tell me does it all add up
When you look back on us, would you call that love?’

The Meaning of Life is More than a CD Title for Kelly Clarkson for my girls

When they left for greener pastures did they remember the watering can that would keep those pastures green? Or did they cast it aside as soon as they thought they found better only to watch it die again? Did their use of my heart for their gain really amplify their happiness somewhere else?

These are all questions that we ask when navigating the murky waters of emotion and relationships of any kind. I love that Kelly Clarkson sings the lyrics of real life like nobody else.

I love this new album. It is full of hope and love and life affirming conversation. The songs resonate, like her #1 hit, Love So Soft, and there is something for anyone to relate too.

Download her new album, Meaning of Life now and listen to it all holiday season long!

Which song do you love from it?

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