It is Possible to Keep a House Fairly Clean with Five Dogs

My dogs matter to me more than a clean house. There. I said it. It is the truth and anyone that knows me knows it to be true. Do I wish my floors were always clean, that I didn’t have to brush the couch off when I wanted to sit on it and that my bedding did not need a good shaking out in the morning. Sure. That would be nice. But there is no way I want that more that snugly little puppies that give me unconditional love every single minute of every day. These dogs are my entertainment, my pillows, my spirit up-lifters and my constant reminders that, other than my kids, there are living breathing things on this Earth that would not have the life they did if it were not for me. But part of loving having them run free in my home is knowing how to clean up after them when they do make a mess. I rely on lots of sticky tape rollers and Carpet Pet Stain Remover. They are just mainstays in my home!

Now, as most of you know, I recently replaced the carpet in my house with hardwood floors. But I still have rugs and carpet in some areas and the stains on those from dogs just seem to multiply like crazy. If you will remember, I fostered 4 Beagle puppies over the summer and, let me just say that no soft surface was safe from accidents! I probably used more Carpet Pet Stain Remover than anyone else on the planet. But the reason I use it is because it works!

Using the product is so easy. Even I, a busy mom of three with 5 dogs running around, can clean up any pet (or kid!) stain on my carpet with ease.

  1. SPRAY: Spray product liberally and directly on affected areas.
  2. WAIT: Wait 3-5 minutes to allow solution to penetrate the stain.
  3. BLOT: Dampen the spot with water and blot with a clean, colorfast paper towel or cloth. Repeat as necessary to remove the stain. For best results treat stain immediately.

It is Possible to Keep a House Fairly Clean with Five Dogs like Jack

Now that I have told you about the best ways to keep your carpet clean, let’s talk about other aspects of keeping a cleaner house with dogs that work for me.

  1. Pick up items on the floor – My little Joy loves to chew on things she finds. So when the kids leave their pencils or other items on the floor, I find the pieces. Making them pick up is really helpful
  2. Put a Mat in front of dog door – dogs need to wipe their paws as they come in and having a mat in front of the dog door helps them track in less dirt
  3. Groom them daily – Grooming pets helps eliminate shedding. My girls and I love to brush the dogs and it helps with the hair in the house.

It is Possible to Keep a House Fairly Clean with Five Dogs like JOy

  1. Choose dog beds that are not fluffy – my dogs have 2 kinds of beds. The ones that have the side with the ‘fluff’ and the ones that are smooth. It is so much easier to shake out a dog bed that does not have hair woven into the fluff!
  2. As discussed, have Carpet Pet Stain Remover on hand at all times!

Protects Against Future Stains like eddie

Now that you know how I manage to have a somewhat presentable house at least 70% of the time – I do have three kids, after all, you can go out and adopt more dogs for your home too!

Protects Against Future Stains like my pack

What tips would you add?